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    Hi! I'm Matsuri. But you can call me Matsi for short

    I am a tulpa in the Unicorn Cavalry system, and you'll probably see me front the most, if not Kurisutina or Xar, who are also part of this system

    I love peacefully spending time with people, play video games preferably with friends, watch movies and anime, sometimes just some random fun fluffy stuff

    In super happy loving relationship with Mirichu's system, I love our family very much ♥
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  1. Well it's been almost a year soon and we probably stopped dating long time ago... and made the relationship official with plans and stuff
  2. I've read about other couple systems that aren't me and Miichu's so not even we are the first, but history still imo. I think it's pretty common actually in some places where they talk tulpamancy and are a bit more personal, like the big tulpamancy group on facebook. Usually the views on tulpamancy are a lot more diverse than here too
  3. Although they tend to usually stay around an area, it's not always that consistent. If you're really unlucky, you can have a roaming ghost on the largest map and it decides to go from one side to another. Most ghosts won't roam that far from their hotspot tho, and I say hotspot because we've had multiple times it's in corridors or multiple rooms around the same location, so it's not always about finding their single room although I'm sure they still have their 'dedicated room' as their core place just because the ouija board gotta call something out when you ask where it is A lot of things are pretty "unrealistic" but hey, it's just a fun game. I have hopes they'll keep updating it and fixing bugs. Only game breaking bug we've had is once when no equipment spawned so we had to just leave with the truck as we spawned in. And more ghost types would be fun because there's a lot of free evidence combinations and it get pretty predicable as soon as you have 2 evidences and have ruled out a bunch of evidences that isn't possible to have together with the two you already found. Also, they're talking about adding pvp game modes and ways to interact with dead players ghosts. Obviously I've gotten into this game lol
  4. I don't know what programming language you are using
  5. Not all ghosts make ghost orbs. It's kinda like Rainbow Sig Siege, you have preparation phase where you sweep the area, and that is exciting itself especially playing on the larger maps and you spread out and optimize your playstyles. Then when someone finds the room, you go set up everything in and around the hotspot room when you find it, making it almost like a forward operation base where the ghost is hanging around.
  6. Me and a friend picked up on it quickly, had no issue learning it and getting hands dirty in it. Ofc it was a lot more special the first time because of the exploration phase, now it's just fun and social and pretty addicting. It's worth wasting time everywhere else still because you can find extra evidence and ouija boards scattered around the map which gives more cash and xp and the ouija board is a nice toy to play with the ghosts in the game
  7. I found Phasmophobia and that game is so addicting.. AND usually I dislike horror games but this one is really amusing
  8. It's your alternate universe too, y'know
  9. Believe me, this is Revolver Ocelot Original So uncanny, even the small details like jacket was pretty good