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    Hi! I'm Matsuri. People call me Matsi for short.

    You'll mostly see me on the forums when switched in. Usually I do some other fun things in between browsing the forums. Anime, music and games = Life is Good®

    I share this body with my awesomesauce headmates, Xar, Kurisu, Reisen. Those are the ones most likely to be switched in instead of me.
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  1. Here are you guys being the last ones posting
  2. Fellie the can slayer, slayer of all cans
  3. We've had more luck staying lucid if I've had orange juice than anything else. I kinda get why lucid dream people think it's boring too, as I think the hardest part is constructing the dream. It's easier and more fun if you become lucid in the middle of a dream
  4. Orange juice actually helps with lucid dreaming. I'm so convinced
  5. Switching for us can be painful if it's sudden or stress induced. Consensual is just alright
  6. Banned because love is war!
  7. What comes before 'E'? Is it: A) A | B) B C) C | D) D
  8. My annual opinion update that there are still so much that feels off with the new forum software
  9. I love you too! So I'll ban you a little extra just to show you my love!
  10. That's a pretty good observation. You have just earned yourself a free ban
  11. Banned because I don't see any host trough the mirror, only a reflection of the meatbag we happen to live in!