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    1.048596, Sweden
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    Hi! I'm Matsuri. But you can call me Matsi for short

    I am a tulpa in the Unicorn Cavalry system, and you'll probably see me front the most, if not Kurisutina or Xar, who are also part of this system

    I love peacefully spending time with people, play video games preferably with friends, watch movies and anime, sometimes just some random fun fluffy stuff

    In super happy loving relationship with Mirichu's system, I love our family very much ♥
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  1. If Miri was a Pokemon, she would be called Mirichu
  2. And still we do, huh? Edit: This was assuming it was Miichu who posted above
  3. You can't control everything in life tho, only what you yourself do
  4. But who said you had to seek out satisfying answers? Life is best when you are just open for whatever change might come, no matter how unsatisfying the answers might be
  5. What examples would that be when there won't be any good? Knowing more about yourself is never a bad idea
  6. You fool yourself into believing it's a puppet instead of fooling yourself into believing it's a sentient person, so in that regard I guess you may fail if your goal is to make yourself believe it's a sentient person Usually, there's subconscious reasons for your decisions of not believing. It might go against something else that you value more or anything really
  7. Isn't tulpamancy mostly all about fooling oneself?
  8. Moderator Ranger, bullies are our specialty
  9. Here I thought Helsinki was the worst ice hell I've ever been to at around -15, and even the -5 degrees we may get here is way too much for walks.. power to you Suomalainen
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