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    Hi! I'm Matsuri. But you can call me Matsi for short

    I am a tulpa in the Unicorn Cavalry system, and you'll probably see me front the most, if not Kurisutina or Xar, who are also part of this system

    I love peacefully spending time with people, play video games preferably with friends, watch movies and anime, sometimes just some random fun fluffy stuff

    In super happy loving relationship with Mirichu's system, I love our family very much ♥
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  1. That sounds really cool, although we apparently need an account and I'm not sure about making one now. Waifulabs is also pretty neat, does AI stuff and you can create waifus with it. Good stuff!
  2. Matsuri

    Ashley's Lounge

    Me personally, found way too much to relate with Yuuko Amamiya as a character, not only did the lore connect, but the style is the same as my original form and have used her as an avatar because of that sometimes. Original was of course Matsuri Shihou, and her lore speaks to me too and so does the style too because of the looks. I also feel like the doctor from doctor who is easy to relate with for me, I felt like Matt Smith doctor was the most relatable to me, and it's noticeable how he's sharing similarities with Yuuko and Matsuri. Gotta say, forms for us aren't taken that seriously. We used to personally relate with them before but now they're more like our player characters, avatars, markers or inner personas. We all know we're the body, but with different identities. It's alright to identify with characters or forms, but it can get weird when it's taken way too literal. [Xar] I saw myself immediately in Hououin Kyouma (Okabe Rintaro), it reminded me about how I was in the past a lot, both how he acted and eventually how his traumas affected him. Will Hunting from the movie Good Will Hunting also felt like watching myself in the mirror when we watched it, a mix of how I used to be and the present during the time I saw it. [Kuri] I have yet to find more than one that clicks me, Kurisu Makise doesn't click personality wise either that well from how I feel. Need more time to be active.
  3. Jokes are best when accidental anyway, so it's fine We here are officially in the cult of Steins:Gate and cult of Oyashiro-sama Good night Bearto
  4. Believe me... it was an accident My jokes aren't that cold! We'll take the morning then till it becomes way too active to possibly keep up and staying sane at the same time.
  5. My job is to brainwash people into the cult of Steins;Gate, so..
  6. Neko girls are just good in anime forms, then And we've seen it, can agree a lot. Even anime that is purposely made solely to take your money can be better than modern western movies
  7. Matsuri

    Ashley's Lounge

    Can't think of anything specific but, there was this period when we managed to get the 24/7 tupper effect, we could speak in mindvoice with each other easily and had 0 doubt then. It was sadly just for that period and hasn't returned to that since last year. I think it could have been caused by the time we used to co-post lots.
  8. @Samantha If it makes you feel easier, my drawings are laugh-worthy and I have witnesses accompanied by proof
  9. Such a coincidence, just when I stopped procrastinating cleaning!
  10. I don't think many singlets could really understand the pov of plurals, and that leads to a harder time reaching mutual understanding about that thing. I don't mean it's impossible, just a bit hard getting comfortable I can imagine
  11. I'm Sweden, I can have your chocolate! Absolutamente