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    1.048596, Sweden
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    Hi! I'm Matsuri. But you can call me Matsi for short

    I am a tulpa in the Unicorn Cavalry system, and you'll probably see me front the most, if not Kurisutina or Xar, who are also part of this system

    I love peacefully spending time with people, play video games preferably with friends, watch movies and anime, sometimes just some random fun fluffy stuff

    My biggest dream is to have a family outside this head. People are very lucky to have that
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  1. Blip to you too, Bre. Nighty nighty
  2. You are on this council, but we do not grant you the rank of master 👀 You too, Fellwinter! Let's keep this trend up or something
  3. Noice noice noice, have fun
  4. Happy second orbit around the sun, Miela! What are you doing for your birthday?
  5. The most typical predictable conversation yet
  6. Or join our future democratic minecraft party
  7. You already have, but you're in a state where it's impossible for you to acknowledge that I wish this game was on easy mode
  8. Direct sequel to the original or..?
  9. Oh I love that question to GER! Good Earth Rotation
  10. People would have to pay taxes in our city, but they'll also get opportunities ; p
  11. That sounds like a nice accepting psychologist. Glad you're doing okay now
  12. I think it would be fun, and then we'd try to create a municipal if it went well enough with democracy, taxes and public sectors