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    Hi! I'm Matsuri. People call me Matsi for short

    I am maybe the system's only tulpa, but that might be questionable at this point because we're a trauma system. It's just labels but we're all our own people

    I love peacefully spending time with people, play video games preferably with friends, watch movies and anime, sometimes just some random fun fluffy stuff

    My biggest dream is just to have a family outside this head. People are very lucky to have that
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  1. Like, sure, let's go pay for bottles of normal water 🙄 Trolli
  2. Same We do, two I think. You must be ESPing! Next poster has glasses somewhere
  3. CIA believed it did, and had a role in the cold war. Like astral projection, I would like to have an open mind about it because you never know what you don't know you don't know about You?
  4. False. They're hot in Africa because of the warmth Africa is a big place
  5. Granted. There is now as many pocket dimensions as wonderlands you can travel to whenever you wanted. You just have to align yourself to the same space-time position as the wonderland dimension you wanna visit and it's very unpredictable I wish for good ideas
  6. It kinda does lol I have, thanks to Subway Next poster plays a lot of forum games
  7. Probably taste good, but we wouldn't want to eat hippos, right? Malaco
  8. Woke up at 9am, so yeah Next poster watches unnerving stuff on youtube
  9. Could have been the tsundere pizza, but I think it actually looks tasty compared to this, which also kinda looks tasty Dr. Oetker
  10. Assume you mean only Nestle's candy Sea food flavored Kit Kat sure sounds interesting tho Chupa Chups
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