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  1. I mean, what is wrong with placebo? Placebo is proof the brain is capable of achieving the respective things. It doesn't equal to fakeness, especially in the case where there are no external factors! Tulpas harnessing the ability to trigger placebo on purpose? Powerful!
  2. I second that possession is very sexy
  3. We really agree with you! We admittedly got excited, probably mostly as a result of Venny's excitement more than the actual holiday excitement, but not a whole lot happened and it definitely wasn't that glamorous. Her family is not our family so we felt no connection to the actual time spent together with them. Venny's memories tell us it used to be far more exciting in the past, since as a child, there were gifts and big family games and whatnot, while today the family is partially broken and there are no kids anymore! But it was still enjoyable to some extent. Our favorite part was probably the fireworks on the new years!
  4. I agree with most of the above. I would possibly add: > 'Physical feelings' for those inclined to that sort of things. Like nausea caused by (specifically your tulpa's) anxiety. > Dormancy and silence as being normal, healthy ways of taking a break. I might be wrong here because I'm pretty sure at this point I might've forgotten the guides as a whole lol, forgive my lacking memory. But I believe mostly everywhere it is stated that tulpas are with you 24/7. I believe not all are or will be. Viper is content staying away from uninteresting things. Initially I found their disappearances distressing, but since, I've not only gotten used to it as a normal phenomenon, but also understanding that hello, it's normal!! I don't interact 24/7 with anyone, it would be exhausting, why should I expect that from my tulpa? Obviously, more extroverted tulpas can, but not all will be. > This was mentioned by Apollo, but I want to rehash it because it's a really good point. What one should expect after creation, besides potential pressure. I didn't feel pressure, but I was able to receive and interpret 'tulpish' very early on (And I believe that's why I didn't receive any pressure to begin with. I didn't need it because I never doubted Viper's actual existence and had a quick developing communication system). I get the feeling most people don't understand what tulpish is and end up ignoring it. In fact, I think this is the reason why many people fail or take a very long time. Hand in hand with expecting to hear an actual, auditory voice. I might be wrong of course, but if you automatically assume tulpish = intrusive thoughts and choose to ignore it, a tulpa has to go through the daunting task of finding a different method of communication.
  5. Welcome to the forums Cass! I believe you joining will help rekindle your connection to your tulpa and probably reawaken her! Also, tulpitas sounds incredibly adorable!
  6. Bear is absolutely deceiving you all by being active in the chat :P
  7. I don't have many new year's resolutions. The main would be to hopefully treat the executive dysfunction that's been plaguing me since the beginning of time. I'm going to be trying some medication for it and see if it's helped at all so, fingers crossed. Another would be to focus more on Viper, so they can learn and evolve and hopefully reach a point when they'll at least be able to ping me without me needing to specifically remember. It'd be nice if I get super into something, to still remain accessible to them, which, at this point, I'm not. Hopefully time and experience will open this path for us. And the last, the always daunting, mostly useless/ignored one! To work out, as in, not just work out, specifically keep up with working out. I'm hoping that if I manage to ease the executive dysfunction, I'll be able to keep up a working out routine. As it is, I'll start, get bored and my brain will shut down. I'll reach a point after 2 weeks where I just won't be able to convince myself to actually start it. It's upsetting to be honest. As of last week I started jogging with the dog and it feels awesome. I'm hoping I'll be able to keep up with that at least 2-3 times per week! Ours is to reach a point when we'll be able to be active most of the day, as opposed to the curent mainly-dormancy that we're dealing with right now! We're hoping to reach that by finding new interesting things to captivate our attention and motivate us to stay awake and not slip into dormancy. It's tough with Venny's ever flickering focus, but we'll do our best! I know these aren't very detailed but! :)
  8. What an incredibly adorable artwork! Looks super adorable, even with the monster! Seems like you're doing great and on the right path :).
  9. I did find a silly game that is purely luck based and all you need is a math square notebook and 2 dice. I bookmarked the page specifically to play it with Viper and then never opened it again lol. But y'all should have an easier time starting games than me so! :D
  10. I was wondering the same about Monika's activity! Here's a silly still-festive Viper, for all your silly needs.[/img]
  11. It sure felt like a web game haha. The other one was more serious, reality based.
  12. It was super silly. I was (or Viper assuming that might've been their dream idk) a disfigured hand, controlling a little penguin that looked vaguely like the ones in club penguin, and he was fighting between being too cold and too hot. I had the power to change the environment to colder or warmer, but I could find a good match. He was either trembling, or dying of heat. There were other people with other penguins around too, but they weren't affected and didn't care. I eventually found out I could make the little penguin break the ice while the environment was cold/icy, then dig in the sand underneath and lay in the hole. He was just fine while laying in the hole. Lol, that's where the dream ended xD.