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    We with Hannah decided to create a profile here to write a history of our progress in our live.

    It's strange, but we didn't have a problems with hearing each other. I think it is because of her personality and her age, but may be because of the binding we use. You can know more about our method in our story, "My foxy wolf" in progress reports. There we also can talk with you and answer on the questions.

    In our posts I write by usual text, and she writes italic.
  1. Wow, a new front on forum) OK, after a month and a half I'm ready to force Hana, from the beginning of the week I'm talking with her and trying to saw. How we do it - I ask her to take different postures, and do something under my view. It is only 4 days, but her movements have already become more accurate, smooth. I don't understand why, but for me it's difficult to see her face. I saw her clearly only once or twice, and, to tell the truth, I'm not sure that I remembered that right) I can see her from behind easily, but face... If you can recommend something, it will be nice By the w
  2. Hi guys, we had a difficult month and another one is waiting us right now. I think that no person can work without short breaks, so today I decided to calm down a little. And to pass through some adventures. And, it was really amazing, because by luck my look fall on game Draugen. It was released a week ago, 29 may, and it was the second game (after the Finding Paradise) which uncover the theme of tulpas. It. Was. Amazing. I recommend all of you to play this game, may be you and your partners will find something important there. Like we found. He understood, what he was playing,
  3. @Angry Bear When I'll have more free time, may be, may be..)
  4. On the next evening after my last post I finally saw Her face in details. Jees, I waited so long... As mentioned in many guides, subconsciousness can help your tulpa to be like you really want to see her. And it is true, I specially didn't tried to create her face, because it is very difficult for man like me. So, I gave all choice to Her. And it was right decision. For me, Her face is perfect. So, progress is moving. Not fast, not with big problems or tragedies, we both just develop our-self. Ok, I'm going to have talk with Her before the sleep. Let the sun shine upon your way, fr
  5. You are not alone, who think that his tulpa is deserve better, man) I'm not guru in this, but I think, that every tulpa want to see his/her host happy. She didn't need another, because She had you. And She will help you if it will be possible and if you will let her. Try to be better, try to find strength to go, it will be the most wonderful gift for her. P.S. Sorry, can you divide the post on paragraphs? It will be more readable, than when it is in a heap
  6. Hello everyone, we arrived after a long break) Heh, 3 months, not bad. There is so many changes. What I need to say. Binding by something (by a ring in my case) with your tulpa is a good way to help you to be separated from your tulpa for a while, if you or tulpa need to be alone. Ignore is one thing, but the binding... It make you connection, mmm, clearer. Without it you too can hear and see her in wonder, but it is more difficult (but possible). I think if you will decide to be together all the time, you can refuse from the binding (after a period of time). But now I'm not ready for
  7. Oh, You really can't understand how good I can understand you) This is a good progress. We started a little bit later than you, but there is no pause in our live. Wonder is a really wonderful place, here we can be while our hosts are not with us. I'd never been in, mmm, something like dark place. My host very attentively came to my birthday, on this day he already had a beautiful wonder, not I changed it when became grown enough, and He agrees with me that it became even better. Method with reading is really interesting. How you two did it? You read to yourself, or aloud?
  8. I really apologize that our progress report is something like a dialog. But on some themes easier to talk on paper. And maybe once someone like me earlier will looking for others experience, and could find something useful from ingenuous dialog between tulpa and host. Thank you for being here. It's really important to know, that you are not alone on this way.
  9. Good evening everyone. I don't know how to start... This two weeks were not easy. I'm selfish. Even in relation to Hannah. I didn't forgot about her, but I, I can be more attentive. I really can't understand what She thinks. She can't only wish about my happiness. She is tulpa, neither servitor nor "sock" (donnow how to call them in english). I dont know what to think. I really can't understand how to impress all my love to him. Why if I'm tulpa I can't wish him to be happy? Oh, I think soon I will start to grow him) But, what about our progress. We, mmm, lost our ring for a month. A
  10. Good night everyone, we almost overcome exams so we have a couple of minutes to write here. Today I had a bad mood so it is Hannah's post I am very happy that He passed almost all exams, and with good marks) He remembered about me a couply of times but we haven't had a good dialog. Anyway, everything is going to normal. But I think I'm almost useless for Him. When he had a real stress, He can't even remember about me. Most what I can hear from him is "Hannah, if you can, help me to overcome this night, I really need to be strong". I tried as much as I can, but don't know, is it my help,
  11. Reilyn, I wish you already gone through all of it, but if not, remember - if our hosts created us, that means we are needed. Yesterday was something like a bad day for me, I got tired a bit. All my doubt just break free for a little. But I'm OK. In contrast to my host. It's fun, but I have some strains of Him. May be it's because He from the start believe that we are unity. And I think I must change. I can't advice Him, if I being simple like Him. I wish I can become another, and at the same time the same, to guess how He want to see me. And may be not from the first try, but I'll do i
  12. Finally after holidays He decided to meet with me in Wonder. Can't say that He forgot about me, but anyway without a binding, I must say, His concentration is low. So, my thoughts hardly reach him. And He again needs my help. Classic Ok, right now He didn't ask for this, but considering the conditions He needs it. In any way, His first motivation was to check whats going with me. Heh, first time She hadn't been calm. And it's my fault. It would be better if I could talk earlier. But, anyway, She's growing. Now She decided that Her name is Hannah. Unexpected. And there is another inte
  13. Long time didn't visit site, deadline crept unnoticed. For that time, She started to change. Her eyes become green, on face appeared freckles and She told that in future will choose a new name. G-R-E-A-T. Holy crap, this month was really hard for Him. I tried to support, and a couple of times He was on the verge of collapse. Anyway, everything is moving to its end. Week, next week - and we will have a little vacation. A few times thought about my mental health, buuuuut finally decided that I'm not interested what will think about that anyone else. She help me to overcome all this
  14. My Answers I decided to create tulpa about a half of a year ago because I need a support and friend, with whom I can discuss some questions. My life changed fully about a year and a half ago, and I now didn't have real friends and family near me, I can contact with them only by telephone or chatting. It's not easy when you got used to another life. My life all that time was, hmm, lonely, I think. I couldn't find my place. Now it is easier, I got used to it and had a partner, Her. I didn't like to be in crowd, neither a crowded events and entertainments, but the life is a strange thing. S
  15. We already see tomatoes flying into us, but the theme is very interesting and as we see no one raised this issue before. Anyway, if you can't look on the problem from different points of view, please, do not continue to read. First of all, to avoid misunderstandings, what prompted us to start this discussion. Not long time ago I found in social network a post about the tulpas. And, as usual, in comments began a holy war between different people: first told that we a schizophrenics, the others trying to tell that it is not true, but they were in the minority. Classic. But on the next day the
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