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  1. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1qr9t9mhg47HqYlKFJX4hwUODmULcDExRAlPRZ5AucIk/edit?usp=sharing
  2. I don't know much bout this website. My host is poly and her most recent addition to her relationship gets on my nerves. Him and I don't see eye to eye and have very different opinions on things already causing tenseness. Whenever anyone gets mildly upset because something he has said or done I feel my blood boil and decide to take over the situation... But then she gets angry at me for blowing up at him. I feel right for butting in but I don't like her getting angry at me for it. Any ideas on how to not get in so much trouble with her or how to calm by boiling feelings?
  3. My favourite games would have to be Viva Piñata, Animal Crossing and Minecraft! Scotch is pretty fond of Tomodachi Life. Osiris likes LoL and Mortal Combat. Luna isn't really interested in video games.
  4. I don't feel like really any of the adjacent personalities fit us... so I guess only the dominant wings are to be accounted for.
  5. Reading the information given I think our Enneagram Personalities are: Me: 6w4 (Loyalist, Individualist) Scotch: 7w9 (Enthusiast, Peacemaker) Luna: 5w7 (Investigator, Enthusiast) Osiris: 8w1 (Challenger, Reformer)
  6. We all tried the MBTI test but i'm not sure how accurate they are as some of us answered alot of uncertain. Me: INFP Scotch: ESFP Luna: ESTJ Osiris: ISTP
  7. Scotch has a weird obsession with butter, so we thought Butterscotch without the butter in front and ended up with Scotch. Luna was based of space and the stars, so the name Luna stuck although she also likes being called Circinus sometimes. Osiris chose his name based of the Egyptian god of the dead.
  8. I thought I'd ask here since this is where I asked before and I didn't want to make a new thread do, here goes.. Last night I was talking to a friend about imposition and visualisation and such and he said some things that made me confused and made me question a few things. Is there a difference between imagining something and visualising something? When you visualise are you actually supposed to see what your visualising instead of just black (like when you close your eyes) I told him how let's say he asked me to see a person. I can see that person clearly and easily draw them on paper if I wanted but I can't actually see them with my eyes? Same with hearing my tulpas. I know what their saying and I know their voice but at the same time I can't hear them? I could just be very confused and but I just thought I'd ask here in case. My friend asked me if I had that Aphantasia thing, but I haven't ever been told I have? Am I just doing visualisation wrong? Sorry again if this is in the wrong place :/ (sorry if this has already been answered but I thought what I was doing was visualisation, correct me if I'm wrong)
  9. I'm sorry if I didn't explain well enough! No I'm fairly sure I don't have aphantasia. To be completely honest my visualisation skills are quite the opposite as I can imagine things almost too easily and Alot of the time involuntary. I'm pretty sure I'm talking about imposition (sorry if I used the wrong term before!). Imposition is where you make yourself able to see, hear, feel, smell and touch your tulpa's right?? If so that is what I'm having problems with. I can't see them at all like so and the one I'm trying to get on the physical plane simply just won't appear even with me trying to see them. I have 4 tulpas, 2 I made on purpose and the other 2 possibly by accident. The one I am trying to see first has been with me for 5 years and was possibly made on accident, so I don't feel as if the amount of time practising is the issue. All 4 of them are able to communicate with ease (except one who can't seem to be able to speak), and I can get all the senses in the dreamscape/wonderland but I can't get them out here. Is my mind just not able to do that or is there something I can do to fix it?
  10. I think someone has asked about this before but I'm kinda stuck on how to even get visuals on the physical plane. I can see most of my tulpas so clearly in my dreamscape that I almost can't tell that I'm in the dreamscape... And yet I can't seem to get any sense of them to here. I have had half of them for way more than a year now and they're able to speak (kinda. I can't actually hear them but I can at the same time?) and I thought it would have happened by now! I have tried visualisation techniques that my friend gave me which included closing your eyes and " feeling your tulpa until you can open your eyes and see them" (something like that, I'm not good at explaining ?) but that has not worked at all. Am I doing something wrong?
  11. Adding onto the above (sorry i'm asking so many questions) 1. Can you make yourself able to smell them (like if they like a particular deodorant or something can you like make yourself able to smell that when they hug you and stuff?) 2. If you create them with a specific outfit on (like if you visualise them with the same outfit ever time) do they stick with that outfit or can they change it? 3. Is there a way to make sure they don't take over you? (i'm not sure how this works yet)
  12. How does one make a tulpa? What are the steps? Any tips for the steps? How many can you have at once without getting confused? How would one communicate to their tulpa at school/work/in public without drawing attention? If the tulpa takes over you (not sure what this is called) Can you still communicate with them and see what they see? Is there any easy way to get back out if something goes wrong while your not in control? Any other tips? Sorry about all the questions! i just want to be sure before i start creating :)
  13. Thought i should include myself in something! Here's some of the stuff i've been listening to lately. (Sorry if any of these songs are already listed!) There's nightcore, daycore, remixes, i think some game music and just idk other music? xD https://youtu.be/_dDNWvmm_WU https://youtu.be/ei8hPkyJ0bU https://youtu.be/JxBKHVM6SRY https://youtu.be/k9HN7ciTwEs https://youtu.be/lXnw5hrc1bs https://youtu.be/fEC3SlMq19Q https://youtu.be/CMfCcCAdm64 https://youtu.be/y6_Hs5pC2b4 https://youtu.be/1DcgczDzQPk
  14. Hi, new to tulpa's in general. I had a friend who had a tulpa and i was looking for information on tulpas (Maybe even planning to create one once i get my existing problems fixed) Sorry in advance as i may not be on here much. :-_-