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  1. My initials are LS, Diamond is D... You see where this is going :D But our system is TRDS - The Rose Diamond System *:・゚✧(ꈍ ω ꈍ)✧・゚:*
  2. Hello Kiko! Nice to meet you, we're glad to have you here :) You can visit Forum games, mostly Last one to post wins or check signatures for cbox chat.
  3. Hello everyone who joined while i wasn't much active \(≧▽≦)""/
  4. Hello! Wow, good job! :O i don't remember posting it anywhere yet...
  5. Not normal: Well, i agree :D and I {WE} ok, we love it :) for me it feels amazing to be different, as being the black sheep, with tulpas I'm write crow. I'm special, not better, but free from at least some norms And body changes: Well... They calm me when I'm anxious or stressed, thanks to Diamond i sometimes get hyped so my heart rate increases Azi has better memory for English and thanks to practicing senses i can persuade my body I'm feeling hot/cold/full of energy/and such I know this is very short, but I hope it's enough :) if you want to, tell me and I'll write more Cya~
  6. *Just pops here* Hello humans! \(≧▽≦)/ Why do i need to write too? Because I said so Uuh, hey guys...
  7. One very posty person posted me to post here posty posts postily
  8. Virga

    Count to 10,000!

    Banned for playing banning on different thread 2122
  9. Yes! My little darling It acts very unusual for a thoughtform. But I think that's obvious when I forced character to be with Diamond on its own ^^" aka it's character but I don't control it But she still has to spawn it in the Wonderland
  10. Update no. day 80th Wow! Ikr {also I speak in these bracelets too cuz Virga's too lazy Can't deny Quite a lot happened! For example, today we made quite functioning Wonderland! We're thinking of name. Diamond is getting more sentient and getting his own personality. Also his memory is better than mine XD yes I helped today! But I'm not sure if it'll work lol I'm good at imagining him in mind, irl it gives me problems with perspective. Too young to hallucinate We'll try soon possession and switching, idk if it's good idea with not-finished mind yet. But #yolo Also I introduced Diamond to my fan character. He loves 'it' Bob! He is something like npc but it's acting way differently. It's hard to explain but I like him They are playing together which is similar to very very passive forcing Opinions still give me hard times. I hope I'll be finished soon! :3 I think that's all. The picture is Diamond and Bob (Bob is blob :P)
  11. Virga

    Count to 10,000!

    Someone edit your post, you're supposed to have 2100 I have 2101
  12. Virga

    Count to 10,000!

    2097 I hate these numbers why can't it be nice and round number?
  13. No problem :) and yes, blue is diamond Hello! I'm Diamond, quite young and can't do much stuff yet. Virga is proxying for me all the time (aka she writes what I talk) but I'm excited for everything. I wanna talk to you too, don't be shy to pm!
  14. Grimsley don't worry, you can open up here :) this forum is for any kind of peeps, it doesn't matter ^^ Welcome here! Ello! We know few systems with disorders, so I understand how hard it is with people who hates. It won't happen here. If you'd like to chat privately contact me or any other member ^^