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  1. Yes, I think more sessions would give a visible result Hmm... I'm sorry sitdovnn. My host in particular has a lot of anxiety, and we wouldn't be surprised if going to a hypnotist wouldn't work because my host may get a little paranoid. Yes, I really hoped for the result and was very worried (in life there was also a Grand failure, the hope was that at least this initiative will turn out, but I was wrong). We have to try again and again. The session lasted 3 hours, although it felt like 45 minutes.
  2. Hey, guys. I was with a hypnotist. Briefly about the main thing: the method does not work. Your imagination just help to work more actively. I could smell the roses in my memory, but I couldn't fully immerse myself in the fictional place.
  3. Your advice is the most voluminous. Yes, in Russia there are also hypnotists (working from the stage), hypnotherapists and people who are fond of hypnosis. I contacted the hypnotherapist. His résumé says he's a specialist in dealing with irrational feelings and psychosomatic disorders. I think I'm one of the few people who turned to him for the addition of irrational sensations, and not to remove them :) PS. I think it will be very interesting this experience and he asks for some time to describe what's happening with me.
  4. I don't want any other hypnotic suggestion but to create this place and return to it as I wish. I don't know if I'll be able to control it initially because it's not the usual Wonderland whose features are described during numerous first dives. I don't know the boundaries of this future place. I am interested in the experience of people who have dealt with hypnotists who have helped them with a journey through the world of their fantasies. Frankly, I've been looking for the right hypnotist. I was told that creating an imaginary world would inevitably lead to schizophrenia (laughter), or simply not responding. I told this hypnotist that I wanted a "quiet place" in my subconscious, and he agreed that it is possible to create. I didn't tell him I wanted to be a Creator in this place, and I don't think it's worth saying it (this man lives 7,000 kilometers away from me, and if he refuses, I think the others will be t further). >>To create a tulpa you need to enter a deep trance (sleepwalking) which is very difficult to achieve on its own. Also, I don't think a deep trance is necessary for the "Tulpaforcing"process. But that doesn't apply to the question of Wonderland, to which I want to hear the answer :) I'm not saying hypnosis is necessary. I want to get a tool (a piece of the world in my imagination) that will allow me to create a world in my head. Better quality and in a shorter time.
  5. The hypnotist can instill hallucinations to the person who is lying relaxed with eyes closed. He can visit the sea beach or a house in the woods. If we compare this "journey" and independent meditation, the first option is more profound and realistic (people who have been in hypnosis told me that it is almost indistinguishable from reality). If you create your own Wonderland, for a similar result will take years. I have found a hypnotist who will move me into my fantasy, and will set up a manual for my subconscious so that I can return to this state on my own if I wish. (Sorry for my translation)
  6. Hi guys! I'm Russian. We have a small community where most of the information is translated from English. However, there is a question that I haven't found an answer to in my community. Have you ever had experience creating wonderland hypnotist? Or do you have information about this? In two or three months I go to the hypnotist for this and want to know more. Removed the formatting so that it's not obnoxious -Vos