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  1. Hello there, Thank you all for the kind massages! I know that doubt is toxic and you should assume it was the tulpa, but I can't help myself to doubt sometimes, it's in my (or better: our) nature. Maybe we need it, maybe we want to constantly question, that what we are doing is really happening in this moment, so our belief only get's stronger. But don't worry, I won't stop forcing! ? Day 2: Today I didn't forced much, but I think that I heard Chihas Voice! I was so excited!! In the evening, before going to bed, i laid down, closed my eyes and played a colored noise(or voice?), the pink noise from Fede. After a little time, my body felt numb and I've really tried hard to concentrate hearing her on my right ear. I asked her some questions or encoureged her to say something, and at one time, it was like the noise was turning into a whisper, it was silent, but it was still a whisper. I can't wait to try this again, I feel like we are so close! I wish everyone of you a good night :)
  2. Hey guys, I'm Hireath, a ''new'' tulpamancer. I started a month ago with creating a tulpa, but I wasn't so motivated, and I really felt bad for being such a bad host. So I decided to give everything I can into her and write here our every-day-progresses of our forcing sessions so I won't forget. So Day 1: Well, my first tulpas name is Chiha, she's a girl with light brown hair and blue/green eyes and she is really lively. I'm still not able to hear her, sadly, but we will work on that! Today I tried asking her to surprise me while we were in our wonderland. At first she just stood there and didn' t do much, but then, Well, I don't know how to explain this, but she kind of turned into... a puddle of ink? I couldn't hold myself back and started to laugh. :D But I'm still not sure if this was really her, or it was me unintentionally imaging her turning into ink... Well, if someone read this, Thank you! ~Hiraeth
  3. Yes, I've read it too! It could be that it is possible for Tulpae to have acces to our memories but it also couldn't be so. It would be interesting to hear if it's possible or not from someone with a full developted tulpa or maybe from a tulpa, too!
  4. Hey guys, I'm Hiraeth, a newbie here :D It's interessting how many different theories you all have regarding Tulpae. I don't know when we will now what Tulpae really are, but I know too less to write my own theory(._. '). I don' t know, for now I think that they are a part of our Soul, who grew over time to be an independend soul.. Im sorry for my bad english :/
  5. Yes! :D And Thank you Misha! :)
  6. Hello, I'm Hiraeth! I knew about this forum half a year ago, and decided before a month to finally make a tulpa. It didn't worked so well because I forced too less, I'm still a newbie to this and I would appreciate if you could help me! :) I'm looking forward to being a member in this community. ^^