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  1. So, today I realized that I had imagined my tulpa with me for a very long time but it was more like a daydreaming (like when I was making food I also lived that moment in my head with my tulpa) and I didn’t really think him as my tulpa (I didn’t focus on him). Was that progress or was it just daydreaming because I didn’t like.. focus on him?
  2. I should probably try this. I also tried forcing without white noice last night and this morning and I think I got a response from my tulpa both times. At least I got some weird feeling in my head. I'm not sure if white noice could affect how I hear my tulpas responses, but it might have helped me to hear them better.
  3. Yeah, I know, but I believe that white noice can also help people concentrate.
  4. Thanks for your answers!! I try to stay positive and hope I hear something from my tulpa soon. I sometimes try forcing eyes open but I have problems with concentration and that doesn't really work for me. And when I force eyes closed I usually have lights on and listen white noice (loud) but that doesn't prevent me from falling asleep eventually. Talking out loud has always made me feel a little stupid but I guess I should try it again.
  5. I have symptoms of hypersomnia and often fall asleep while forcing. It hasn’t been a problem for me until now. About two weeks ago I fell asleep while forcing and when I woke up, I felt really angry at myself and it was a really weird feeling. Could this be my tulpa? I talked to him next day and suddenly asked ”How are you?”. It didn’t feel alien but I didn’t plan asking how he is. Could this be him? It felt like my thoughts wandering but my thoughts usually don’t wander like this. I haven’t heard anything about him after that and I’m kind of scared that he’s mad at me because I fell asleep.