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    I learned about tulpas in November 2018 and have been working on developing my tulpa Aya since then.

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  1. Try having the one switching in spend some time thinking a lot before/after the switch to get themself properly in front, while the one switching out quiets down until the new fronter is comfortably holding front. We find there's an element of momentum involved, at least with us, where the one switching in needs to be much more active than the one switching out to overcome the "defaulting to so-and-so."
  2. Ooohh, I was wondering if someone running it was fed up with it or something
  3. The "reformatted version" link in OP is broken, it should link to
  4. It says "Unavailable" under the links and when I click on them I get an error page. Odd that it still works for you guys. Someone on Plural Librarium pointed out this thread and another as having broken links, so I checked and they were broken for me too.
  5. The first link loops back to the first page and the text files are broken.
  6. This was an interesting thread, any updates or further thoughts?
  7. Good to know. That's why it's so helpful for people to share tips, experiences, guides. So we don't waste time doing less efficient things that other people have already figured out.
  8. True. I expect walking away and towards would help for sense of space too.
  9. Instead of walking around your tulpa for imposition, do you think having them rotate in place (as if on a rotating platform) would be equally effective? Lowkey don't have a lot of space indoors to walk around invisible people.
  10. Just keep forcing, she'll come back when she can. Don't "wait" in the sense of not forcing. I've had times when I became exhausted or very sleepy from forcing--forcing in the evening and the next morning I'm exhausted, which sometimes lasted for the entire for the entire day. Just make sure you get enough sleep.