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    In a body with N, Damien and Jade.
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    [color=#00ffff]Hey! I'm Azure, the first tulpa from the Someone System. I was created on 3/10/18 with a placeholder from of a Good Place Janet before deciding on my current form.

    Feel free to PM me or anyone else from my system. We'd love to chat! <3[/color]

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  1. I think I've fixed the problem. I just can't let N write any more fluff posts.
  2. Not Happy I can’t find the direct image links on mobile! 😠 Also, thread title updated.
  3. Pretty much a rip-off of Last One to Post wins but it’s just about posting the most posts without double posting. And the cool thing is, this game gets a leaderboard!
  4. We’ve been incredibly slack with lucid dreaming, so we’re getting back into that. As you may have seen in another thread, we’re also considering whether or not we should make Torea a tulpa. Initially N and Damien were the ones concerned that she would feel excluded and (because she does show strong emotion sometimes) that she might resent us for it. Jade and I were saying that we haven’t even been in tulpamancy for three full months yet, and that we shouldn’t add a fourth tulpa so soon. N and Damien convinced me into voting for Torea, but since then N has changed his mind and is a little
  5. Srn, the inage isn’t showing up on mobile for some reason...
  6. Quick everyone! We need more puns! J’aime les grenouilles (I think).
  7. Banned for calling N out about calling you out.
  8. Welcome back! We look forward to meeting you guys! :D
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