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    In a body with N, Damien and Jade.
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    [color=#00ffff]Hey! I'm Azure, the first tulpa from the Someone System. I was created on 3/10/18 with a placeholder from of a Good Place Janet before deciding on my current form.

    Feel free to PM me or anyone else from my system. We'd love to chat! <3[/color]

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  1. Alright then. No more posts from N.
  2. I think I've fixed the problem. I just can't let N write any more fluff posts.
  3. Not Happy I can’t find the direct image links on mobile! 😠 Also, thread title updated.
  4. Pretty much a rip-off of Last One to Post wins but it’s just about posting the most posts without double posting. And the cool thing is, this game gets a leaderboard!
  5. We’ve been incredibly slack with lucid dreaming, so we’re getting back into that. As you may have seen in another thread, we’re also considering whether or not we should make Torea a tulpa. Initially N and Damien were the ones concerned that she would feel excluded and (because she does show strong emotion sometimes) that she might resent us for it. Jade and I were saying that we haven’t even been in tulpamancy for three full months yet, and that we shouldn’t add a fourth tulpa so soon. N and Damien convinced me into voting for Torea, but since then N has changed his mind and is a little conflicted over it. We’ll discuss it later. Also, progress on N’s game: he thinks he’s around 60% of the way through and the release date is in a week. And he’s been making this one for over a year. We’ll see what happens.
  6. Srn, the inage isn’t showing up on mobile for some reason...
  7. Quick everyone! We need more puns! J’aime les grenouilles (I think).
  8. Banned for calling N out about calling you out.
  9. Welcome back! We look forward to meeting you guys! :D