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  1. We’ve been incredibly slack with lucid dreaming, so we’re getting back into that.


    As you may have seen in another thread, we’re also considering whether or not we should make Torea a tulpa. Initially N and Damien were the ones concerned that she would feel excluded and (because she does show strong emotion sometimes) that she might resent us for it. Jade and I were saying that we haven’t even been in tulpamancy for three full months yet, and that we shouldn’t add a fourth tulpa so soon.


    N and Damien convinced me into voting for Torea, but since then N has changed his mind and is a little conflicted over it. We’ll discuss it later.


    Also, progress on N’s game: he thinks he’s around 60% of the way through and the release date is in a week. And he’s been making this one for over a year. We’ll see what happens.

  2. Interesting.


    Also, we started using some of those tips I mentioned earlier, and N managed to get close to entirely dissociating from the body. We were thinking of doing a wonderland session and trying to help immerse N, but we just let him stay in tam dissociated state for a little while. He says it felt weird when controlling the body again after that. We’re going to see if we can do that again.

  3. Great idea Reilyn. We’ll have a look for something like that.


    Good news too! N didn’t feel any doubts today and felt more connected to us. That’s what we want; we love each other and enjoy each other’s company. There’s a lot of comfort in being able to talk to Someone ( ;) ) else about anything.


    Torea’s gone off somewhere in the wonderland. Not sure if she’s dormant or not, but she could be. I think you were right, Cat. We should focus on each other for now. Also, could spending time with N count as forcing him?