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  1. From now on, let's all agree that we shall refer to it as Shiny Tapu Buzz Pony.
  2. So in this game, you need to post random stuff. The most random and unpredictable stuff you can think of. And then you post it. Every system gets a score. So, N, Damien, Jade and I all share a score, for example. Depending on how random you think your post is, you can update your score by adding to it any number from 1 to 100. The first one to get infinity points wins (so keep posting random stuff forever)! :D I’ll start: This thread. +10 points Score: 10
  3. Or feeling happy but tired tonight. The next one to post is having fun.
  4. Is it weird that we have not heard about most of these brands and no one here had heard of Cheezels? Especially as Damien came up with the idea and N made the thread? Anyway, I tried to figure out what the internet was trying to tell us. I don't know what Erbe Alpine or Ripiena Menta Liquirizia are, but I'll go with either of those because I have no idea what either of them are. So, next... Arnott's.
  5. (Insert message here about me saying hi).
  6. She sounds like a tulpa to me. There's a thread somewhere explaining why you shouldn't worry that you're puppeting. If she is acting on her own, then she's most likely a tulpa.
  7. Apparently this is strawberry milk flavoured Pepsi. Does not sound too appealing. Let's try... Cheezels! :D
  8. Does anyone wanna test? :P What makes any of you think the floor isn't lava? You have just read this post. Edit: I was writing this and Venny and Viper must have posted while I was still typing. In response to that, you said Someone's giant wonderland universe. Sure, that is what we made for ours, but none of us gave any of you permission to be our tulpas.
  9. Wow! Great job Otsimeht! And that is amazing, Bear! Keep up the good work :)
  10. Why would I eat paper? I don't want to cut our tongue. The next one to post is guilty of posting in this thread without including a "Next One to Post does this..." section (such as this one).