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    We're Aubrey and Shield! We don't post often, but we like the forum games...

    Aubrey is the original, and i (shield) am the host, mostly...

    Anything said by aubrey is posted in reddish text, and anything said by me (shield) is posted in purpleish text, unless marked otherwise... we both use this account.
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  1. you accept your loss... and that's the problem... you two don't seem very keen to do that, do you?
  2. banned because that must be why i'm always in first place!
  3. you two talking is like when i'm trying to end a phone call but i'm too awkward to actually hang up so i just keep talking...?
  4. in the uk, you're just supposed to poke your head round the corner and look yield is a weird word though. give way sounds cooler obviously my opinion is objectively correct
  5. i knew it'd turn into this eventually fun fact: we don't have many stop signs in the UK. instead we have an upside down triangle with 'give way' in capital letters on it
  6. i propose 'objects' we don't need to rename things to learn to respect them... mostly
  7. *gives offended look* jk, my form isn't a shield, it's a nothing with the name 'shield'
  8. oh god don't even my take on america, from a foreigner's perspective: h does english really frame inanimate objects as lesser? i know you're joking but i'm thinking about it now and you can't stop me i think not tbh
  9. banned because your avatar is staring at me. ban mirichu too
  10. banned for letting me make an overly evil-sounding user title...
  11. (Do actually do this. especially if you wanna get charged for vandalism) here's a fun idea. your blood colour changes depending on who's switched in but the blood that you see is only ever red because of a chemical reaction or something... take my blood as payment for my sins! seriously though having purple blood would be weirdly cool... i think rouge's coloured blood would be even cooler...
  12. banned because it's actually one dimensional
  13. thought you were talking about me for a second there