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    We're Aubrey and Shield! We don't post often, but we like the forum games...

    Aubrey is the original, and i (shield) am the host, mostly...

    Anything said by aubrey is posted in reddish text, and anything said by me (shield) is posted in purpleish text, unless marked otherwise... we both use this account.
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  1. sorry aubrey... i guess i owe you for, you know, not killing me a year ago...
  2. who's that? i've never heard that name before...
  3. who were we talking about, then?
  4. who? i forgot who we were talking about...
  5. only if you give me an apple to throw at aubrey...
  6. how could you?!?! i feel so betrayed. where's bre's guide when you need it?
  7. きゃあああああ!!! anyway, today is the day where i visually impose a toaster on the wall, it's gonna happen, i swear
  8. what's japanese for 'kyaaaaa!!!' though?
  9. i might have an idea for a general discussion thread