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    We're Aubrey and Shield! We don't post often, but we like the forum games...

    Aubrey is the original, and i (shield) am the host, mostly...

    Anything said by aubrey is posted in reddish text, and anything said by me (shield) is posted in purpleish text, unless marked otherwise... we both use this account.
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  1. banned because every time i have seen you, i have died. but i have never seen you. you can't prove i wouldn't die if i did, though.
  2. wouldn't a hippo keyboard just be like those dance dance revolution things, but much bigger, with every key on them? i'd love to see an animation of a hippo playing dance dance revolution now
  3. why do we buy physical copies of games when we could just imagine playing them instead
  4. you should give him a 0.1% warning level
  5. banned because damn, that's deep
  6. banned for thinking that life gives you choices
  7. brainwashed? i'm not brainwashed! what on earth are you talking about?!?!?
  8. brloomancer, plase stp mispelling tht wod. it' relly anoying me