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    We're Aubrey and Shield! We don't post often, but we like the forum games...

    Aubrey is the original, and i (shield) am the host, mostly...

    Anything said by aubrey is posted in reddish text, and anything said by me (shield) is posted in purpleish text, unless marked otherwise... we both use this account.
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  1. pathetic. i shall create a group of people like me, to reflect my superiority. i shall call it blackeyemensa
  2. imagine getting a black eye made by shield gang
  3. i can't believe i didn't recognise her scarf. smh, banning myself to the pile of fake fans rn
  4. my deductive reasoning is flawless, as usual✨ (who are those characters i must know)
  5. your 'Chess Piece Taste Tester' user title reminded me of this from a few months ago (link in case the embed does a no no:
  6. your preferred method of communication is discord but you don't use discord? uh okay, whatever ya like
  7. huh? i don't see you on the .info discord. you sure?
  8. I see you have joined the dark side. @Luminesce
  9. this has been my favourite page on wikipedia for a while
  10. you're not a REAL extrovert unless you ask your friends the circumference of the sun instead of a book or google