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  1. if you put me on the GAT, i promise i'll only approve good guides or any guides better than that. how many, do you ask? why, none, of course!
  2. they iron lady or the iron ladyy?
  3. *yelling from afar* i can still hear you!
  4. oh... uhm... uh... ah... well... you see... mmm... *runs out the door*
  5. yeah, and we will riot if we don't get it soon... no pressure! : )
  6. i was just thinking maybe he was intentionally misspelling it like with 'fascinating' into 'fasinating' i think, and i didn't want him to think i was making fun of him for it edit: ninja'd edit edit: can we call these language changes 'breisms'?
  7. gene? is that the breloo spelling of genie? i'm not shunning or shaming at all btw, i'm just curious edit: maybe i've been spelling it wrong... ... .. .
  8. well done for owning up to your mistakes! what a strange concept...
  9. i hear the variable and adaptable phrase 'X really piqued my interest' (pronounced same as 'peaked' where i live) a fair bit, but never 'picked'
  10. well, if you meant picked, then i've never heard that word used like that before...
  11. you misspelt piqued, and i'm sorry, i can't help talking about myself!
  12. how long were you in the cult group?
  13. wait, you were a follower before?
  14. i'm not a genie, anyway. that's more bre's type of thing
  15. Wahh?? i thought we agreed on it!...
  16. only if you continue to be nice, will i grant your wish... maybe.
  17. aww thanks! uhm... *cough* i mean WELL DONE FOR ACKNOWLEDGING YOUR GOD, MORTAL.
  18. this is truly the thread of gods
  19. banned because my point still stands! plus, it wasn't just any old shirt, it was a shirt with a collar!
  20. we all do! but only with other headmates...