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  1. Banned because I think they do.
  2. [D] Banned because I’m Damien.
  3. Not banned and thank you. And you are welcome, I broke the game.
  4. Banned for not making a capitalism joke yourself.
  5. Can you trust a tiger with painting a hamster? XD (Wow, that's the first time Damien's ever wanted me to type "XD" XD)
  6. My form is a white tiger. A tiger is a type of cat. Apparently according to Google a khajiit is actually a thing and it looks like a cat. Could I be related to them? N has had literally nothing to do with the Elder Scrolls so this is new for all of us. Cat, when you said it was completely plausible, you can now edit your post and say yes. The next one to post has no Christmas avatar.
  7. I sometimes tackle N to the ground to hug him. Is that like a ninja? The next one to post is in a time zone in which it is just after 4 am.