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  1. Glad to hear it. i am going jump back in
  2. willybilly30

    hey everyone

    I have not been here in awhile. Kinda feel guilty i been gone so long. Life gets in the way i guess. I still talk to my Tulpa Zachary. Just talked to him today. I was afraid i would be removed for inactivity or something. i am on disability now for mental illness so i have more time. see you later
  3. I was reading on a reddit group about letting your Tulpa in your body. I feel so high and trippy when Zachary is around sometimes that i wanted to try it at night. I just relaxed, asked him to come in and sorta imagined him putting me on like a jumpsuit. Well, something like that. There was a post where someone was letting their Tulpa talk so, i told him he could post. Seemed like i wrote, tripped out a little and then wrote again. Some people say you get head aches when working with Tulpas. With me it's kind of like smoking weed.
  4. Right now i want to see what all Zachary is gonna do and work with him. I think I will work with him and Adrianna and they can help with the other beings. The thought forms will help with the storie i think they just called themselves tulpas cause they are in the family. Like a tribal thing i guess. I been talking to someone who made a blog with stories and adventures and I want to do that too.
  5. I like the name my sacred space. I hope it is acceptable here to talk about it I think i will just work with Zachary and Adrianna on exersizes and stuff for awhile. The soulbonds are welcome to be in wonderland or come here if they want to. but, i see alot of exercises and stuff here and probally should focus on one. The soulforces do like to play like little fairies flittering around. Seems i opened a mental portal being here. i love it but, I probably should not make to many Tulpas. I think i will make a blog to put the story on and keep it going. but, not here. I got to edit it cause i showed it to my sister and she got mad cause i used family names in my stories. I loved the story i wrote and wanted it to be real so bad. Glad it can be real in my wonderland
  6. Yesterday I decided to go to my wonderland. Me and Zachary sat in a chair on our log cabin porch. We talked about Tuplas and stuff. He said" This place is great but, you need to put feeling into it...he said imagine how a chair feels and imagine how your chair feels" I imagined how it felt and the chair was hard and imagined how my body would feel in the chair. He said " imagine the wind, birds singing, imagine the floor of the porch" He said" Ok, lets. walk" We walked down a rocky path, birds were singing, it was night time. i seen stars, it was a little windy. He said" look at me and try to describe me in your mind" I seen his curly blond short hair, his blue eyes, his white skin,his red shirt, his leather coat, his bkack pants and shoes. He held out his hand and said "Try to feel my hand: I held his hand it was soft and smooth He said "Let's hug" We hugged and i felt his body He said "Ok, what quality would you like me to have?" I said"love, tolerance, I want some one to meditate with, talk about religions and spirituality with, some one to talk to about anything, have fun with" He said "No, problems there i am already all that" He said "change my shirt" I changed it to a beautiful tye dye shirt He said" Great, let's sit down and cuddle some more" He said"Now, i am your tulpa" I went out to smoke and drank coffee awhile ago,. I imagined him on my porch and we talked. I said"have a seat" and imagined him a chair beside me. He said"I think you are getting it" I decided to put on some relaxing music. I went to wonderland. Me and Zachary was walking by a river. He said "I got a surprise for you" I said "What?" He said "I created a tulpa" I said "No, wait we have no read any guides at all we can't do that" Zachary said"You been creating Tulpas all this time....Remember, the story you wrote long ago about the hippies" I said "Yea" He said" Look around you!" I saw ever character i imagined in the story They yelled "We are Tulpas!" and raised their hands/ Tommy a character ran up to me said "You got to keep writing our story...it is how we live!" I said"When i showed my sister she got mad cause i used family events and names" I said"Dancing Bear are you here? and Dancing Rabbit?" Dancing Rabbit said "I am here william" I said"I wanted you all to be real...but, i did not think you could be" Tommy said"You read a Topa site i think you know the truth now" There was a woman sitting on a rock and Zachary said "there she is" A beautiful girl was sitting there. I said "Who are you" She said "Adrianna..." I said" Will you be like disneys pocahontas i was thinking of that before i went to sleep" She said "Oh, i don't know..." and turned her head She laughed and flew in the air and made pentagrams around her and ran around the river singing "just around the river bend" I wonder if any one will laugh at me or criticize me....I guess i better not tell what else happened. My tulpas like sex sometimes and she and me hit it off pretty well I probably will change the names of the characters in the story i wrote and this is not the story. but, i wanted to write about the experience and see what people thought.
  7. Oh ok. I am really knew to forum stuff. I mean along time ago i was on forums but, long enough i forgot alot of stuff. I converted to face book lol.
  8. I keep getting a notification to my thread but, not seeing anything. I think the forums being weird today. Unless, someone says something different
  9. Ok, it's interesting anyway. it's a good introduction and informative
  10. I decided to see if Tulpa stuff was on youtube. I found this channel but, it's a year old is it still going on? I am knew and thought it'd be interesting to listen too.
  11. Ok, like this? I put it after the slash thingy.