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  1. Applying it to the BITE model. I wanted to make it a thread so I could post it in sections, since it's extremely long. If that's too spammy, I can wait and then submit it as an article
  2. It's not a project for school, it's just an informative article debunking the thought that tulpamancy and the community is a cult. Basically I just apply the practice and the community to the BITE model by Steven Hassan and see if anything applies, therefore it's gonna be... a pretty long essay. I wanted to divide it up into parts and then possibly submit it to the article section if it's good and thorough enough.
  3. I was wondering where to put my research project thread: in General Discussion, or the Research section? It's not about asking people things or conducting experiments, but this project/essay requires extensive research. Should I put it in the Research section for this reason? Or the General section because it doesn't have to do with experiments or surveys? Thanks a bunch!
  4. Hopefully he is. All I ask is that he respects me and my system, because in this thread I/we plan to talk about personal things that we don't need to be judged about. Hello, all. I felt like putting a bunch of subjects in one post and felt like writing, so here I am. I wanted to talk about my dreams and plans, first of all. When I turn 18, I'm gonna move to Florida to live with another system that I'm close to. While I'm there, I'll attend college and become an Experimental Psychologist to research and prove the existence of plurality and tulpas. Until then, I'm gonna help out online and around where I live the best I can. In the meantime, can people link some websites that are like activist groups for systems? I've found a few, but I want to find all that I can, especially ones that I can sign up to help with activism work and such. The next thing I wanted to talk about is a bit of an issue. I'm currently frontstuck, which means, well, I'm stuck in the front and can't really go into headspace. I can barely immerse myself there, which is bad for times when I really need to go there or simply leave the front. I've not been here in a long time, so I don't know if more guides on visualization and switching have been made, or that the old ones are still accurate. I know it won't be an overnight process, but it's urgent to me, as my grades are not the best, and I need to let someone else front for that and other reasons, mostly due to stress. I suppose that's all, for now. I think the real reason I wrote this post was because being on this site is theraputic to me, in a sense, and I need a place to write every now and then. I usually do it on amino, but texting just isn't as satisfying as typing. I should probably find a site or start a personal journal on my laptop for that purpose, so that I don't get off topic here, unless there is a place for vents and off-topic posts. That is all. I'm gonna keep coloring the text a certain color to show who's writing because, uh... it's fun *shrugs*
  5. His arguments for it were mainly "it's a cult because there's a lot of people doing the same practice and devoting their time to it, and that practice is weird and abnormal," and his reasoning came from him not looking into it deep enough. He told me that he knew about tulpas before I came along, which surprised me even more that he kept his viewpoints. He also tried tricking me into saying that my tulpas were what caused me to have urges to hurt my parents. It was a very messed up deal, because it felt like he was trying to manipulate me into saying things that weren't true. He constantly interrupted me and didn't even seem to be listening at times. "A relatively small group of people having religious beliefs or practices regarded by others as strange or sinister" Well damn. I know we're weird, and I pride myself on being different. But sinister? Really? Maybe if he looked into it more he would realize that instead of "crazy voices that tell you to kill yourself" tulpas are people, just like anyone else, and they often help their hosts and are really nice. Sure there's evil tulpas, but there's evil physical people too. I am more afraid of that doctor than any nonphysical person. Well, not really afraid, but disappointed. ...also, I stupidly told the doctor about this website (and I think he knew about it beforehand anyway), so he might still be here, reading everything we say. If so, hi. I hope you realize the faults you had in your argument towards me that day, and that you've learned a few things since then. Tell the staff I said hi.
  6. Oh my God, yes XD Thanks for your time, by the way! After I made this post I discovered that there was a section to ask questions about the forum that would've been a better place to ask this, and then I felt bad ;-;
  7. I was thinking about making one post at a time going into detail about each fallacy, if that's okay. I don't know which one I'm going to start with, though.
  8. Greetings. I want to make a thread on argument fallacies, and how we, as a community arguing for tulpas, can avoid them the best we can. The question I have is, which section do I put the thread in? Thanks a bunch, -Cali
  9. Thank you! Our system is pretty nice. No matter what's going on, there's always someone to go to if you need anything. Having a lot of members also means that you can have big parties! I'm just so used to being in spaces where systems commonly have 20+ members, that I forget that that's not very common with tulpa systems. Yeah, we're trying to figure out who would be best for the position, who wants it, and who would be best at mimicking my personality so that we don't get too many strange looks. Well, basically, I already told my therapist, but earlier this year I had to be sent to a temporary mental crisis hospital because of anger issues. The doctors there already knew about my tulpas, I think, and, well... one of the doctors said that he thought tulpamancy was a cult. I argued with him for like 20 minutes over why it wasn't a cult, and then at the end, after acting like it was all new to him, he told me that he knew about tulpas way beforehand. So this paper is basically detailing all the reasons why tulpamancy is not a cult, as a kind of formal way of getting back at them for not looking into it more and actually trying to understand it. -Cali
  10. Hello, all. It has been a really long time since I have posted here, and a lot has happened since then. My previous account was TheFangirl, and my thread was "The Conquering Doubts Tulpa Society;" I hoped to have a fresh start here, and so I changed my username. Like I said, a lot has happened since I was active here. I have mostly been away from the tulpa community and have been in the plurality community at large, including spaces where syscourse was present. Thankfully, I'm not dealing with that stress anymore. I mostly stay on Amino nowadays, and even have my own small, close-knit system amino there. Since last time, We have gained 3 more headmates, counting a dog thoughtform. Our current members are: Andrew Budo Cali (me) Candice Carmen Dante Dara Dylan Hugh Lucas Michael Rubix (not his real name) Zeke Zelda Dog: Spirit I'm currently trying to figure out the best way to effectively leaving the front, because things have been stressful lately, and I've been wanting to go completely into headspace for a while now, anyway. I'm dating Andrew now, and Dara is dating someone in a friend's system. I'm also working on a research paper based on my experiences earlier this year with tulpas and doctors. I'm not sure when I'll have it finished, because it'll take a long time to write. Whenever I finish it, I'll be sure to post it here, since I plan on mostly using this account for formal posts anyway. This account will be for research, and my Amino account will be for personal use. It's nice to finally be back here; I really did miss this place, even though I didn't know too many people here. I look forward to posting with you all. -Cali, the host