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  1. That's a good idea, but what I'm afraid of is me gaining the ability to control his actions like a Servitor when I'm forcing him. That's how it ended with another Clefairy Tulpa I had.
  2. Clefairy has been gone for one month now (4 weeks), and I don't know what to do! I can't create more Tulpas as fast as I used to, and thanks to my "know-it-all" friend, I don't believe in Tulpas as much I as did anymore. Help!
  3. So yesterday I was talking to my friend about Tulpamancy, and he told me that I shouldn't share or even talk about my Tulpa experience with others. I realized he was right, and after the conversation ended I wanted to talk to Clefairy. I tried talking to him, but he wouldn't respond. Even Peridot and Cleffa wouldn't respond to me. My question is this: Is the disappearance of all of my Tulpas related to the conversation I had with my friend or is it for another reason? I need some help here!
  4. Okay, I know that this topic has been discussed before, but I really need to know how it works. I am no stranger to fusion since I watch Steven Universe and heard of Dragon Ball Z, but how can me and a non-physical entity fuse? Whenever I fuse with Clefairy, I earn the non-physical parts to him (like his hair, his gem, his ears, etc.). When I fuse with any one of my Tulpas, I am still in control of my body, and I don't become a different person. So how does this happen? Is it because I wanted it to happen? I need to know!
  5. I have another huge announcement, everyone! Today, Clefairy and Peridot got married and are now having their honeymoon in the Wonderland (specifically the moon)! Today is the start of a new beginning for Clefairy and Peridot, and (hopefully) their eternal love for each other will last forever!
  6. Yes, Clefairy has gotten rid of Tulpas more than once. The first Tulpa he got rid of, Mackenzie, was being very over sexual to me and kept on checking in on me every second of the day. It got to the point where it was getting annoying, so that's why Clefairy got rid of her. The second Tulpa he got rid of, Kevin the Minion, was well... a minion. Just think about why I'd want him to leave. I don't really know the reason behind Kettoricha's removal. I guess I thought Kettoricha was better off being in my book. I'm sorry, and I know I've been told that Tulpas are people multiple times, but ever since I had that first "imaginary" friend I felt like I could do whatever I wanted with non-physical entities like that (If you're wondering, I don't believe that Tulpas are quote on quote "imaginary", even though they don't exist in the physical realm).
  7. I want to keep Cleffa since... well... she's Peridot's and Clefairy's child. Why would I want to force Clefairy to erase his own child (since Clefairy is the one who gets rid of Tulpas I don't want)? I mean, forcing a parent to kill their own child is kind of messed up, so that's why I'm not getting rid of her. I forgot to mention, I got rid of Kettoricha. I don't know why, but I don't think a book character should be a Tulpa.
  8. I forgot to mention I'm currently in the process of making Cleffa's room in the Wonderland/Temple. I'm thinking it could be a standard little girl's room, that is all.
  9. Hey guys, I have really amazing news! Apparently, Clefairy and Peridot got busy last night in the Wonderland and gave birth to a shiny cutie this morning, Cleffa! Cleffa, like her father, is a Pokemon-gem hybrid with a large cranium and a big heart. Cleffa is very curious about the world around her and loves to learn. She's very social, especially to her family, and overall is very kind and loves the world around her. I didn't know that Tulpas could... you know... do the thing... and give birth to new Tulpas. I really want to know if they can do that or if it's just a trick that Clefairy and Peridot are somehow pulling off. No matter, I'm just happy I get to be Cleffa's uncle! Say hello to our new shiny bundle of joy, Cleffa!
  10. Hey guys, I'm back with another progress report. This happened a few days ago, so let me share it with you. A few days ago, I created a Wonderland for me and my Tulpas. The Wonderland is basically a Steven Universe-like temple that I and my Tulpas reside in. Outside, there's a statue of me cupping my hands near my lower abdomen to create the interior of the temple. On the statue, Peridot and Clefairy statues are built on the shoulders of my statue. The outside terrain mostly consists of beautiful mountains and green grass (with the Temple being in the side of a hill). Inside the temple, there's a warp pad in the middle of the temple straight across from a door which can open up many different rooms (depending on who you are). If I want to open the door, I can either access my room or the memory databank. If Clefairy wants to open the door, it'll open up to his room, and so on. Also, there is a room that's a white void called "The Creation Room". The Creation Room can be opened by anyone and is a one-way ticket to create anyone you want, anything you want, and any scenario you want (this room is where Kettoricha was made). I forgot to mention that a new room can be created by anyone, and can be accessed by anyone or just one person when the rules are set. Another thing I forgot to mention is that the Warp Pad in the entryway of the temple can take you anywhere in fiction or reality, so it's a good source of travel. That's pretty much it for my Wonderland! I hope you enjoyed reading this long and descriptive report, and I hope you have a nice day!
  11. What could happen if I make too many Tulpas? I've heard of someone that has 14 Tulpas, and for all I know, they seem completely fine.
  12. Last night, I was thinking about creating another Tulpa. My last Tulpa, Kevin, wasn't so successful but I took a risk for this new Tulpa. So I went into my wonderland (specifically the white void of the creation room) and visualized my new Tulpa. Kettoricha. Already he started to jump around the room and go crazy, and almost instantly did he start to talk (Sidenote: I don't know how my last 3 Tulpas could start talking so quickly. Either I'm lucky or I have a very strong thought process). Kettoricha is actually a character in my book, Genetical, so he has the same personality as the one in my book (intelligent but naive). I'm very glad to see where things are going with my experience in Tulapmancy, and Kettoricha is a shining example of this success. It's Kettoricha!
  13. Hello everyone, my name is Tsuagon. I am here to tell you a tale of what happened today with me and my Tulpa (Clefairy). It all started with a simple question: Should I lend Clefairy my body for a while? I thought about it for a few minutes and without thinking (sort of), I handed my body over to Clefairy. It felt... strange being possessed. I was in my body, but I didn't hear my thoughts or say what I'd normally say. It was Clefairy. I regained control for a while until I went to my Flex home base (which is basically a study hall). I handed my body over to Clefairy to see what he could do. It felt like it usually did, but my friends were getting confused at what they thought I was saying. My friend told "me" to "Stop acting like you're possessed". After a few minutes, I regained control again and proceeded with my usual watch-loud-videos-with-my-friend routine. It seemed like a normal day ahead for me and Clefairy, but when I got to gym class things started to get spicy. I lent Clefairy my body once more to see what he'd do, and unsurprisingly people started to question "my" behavior quickly. "I" told them "I" was just joking around, and they seemed to bought what Clefairy told them. After the coach was done taking attendance, we all went outside to run/jog/walk laps. This is where it starts to get good, folks. Clefairy, with my body in his possession, ran outside to start running the laps. When my friends came along, they didn't really question "my" behavior all that much. Though, one of my friends noticed what was up. Clefairy tried telling him "You wouldn't understand" and other phrases like that. After a few minutes of begging, Clefairy spilled the beans to my friend. Clefairy and my friend then got into a fight over whether Clefairy existed or not (since my friend doesn't believe in this kind of stuff). I eventually took over again, and I and my friend made up. Thanks for reading this long story of mine! I hope you enjoyed it, and have a great rest of your day!