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  1. Thank you! It took me several hours, but I sure wish I could draw something in 20 minutes!
  2. Zero has gotten me into listening to a lot of Pink Floyd lately. [video=youtube]
  3. It's so cool that you two worked together to paint this! It's very nice!
  4. Decided to draw one for every season. Here is spring. For context, I hate the rain and Night loves the rain, so we have some conflicting emotions during the rainy season. Also Beep is there again because he's cute with his little rain boots.
  5. Hello everyone, this is where Night and I will be posting our art. Well, mostly me. But hopefully I can convince Night to draw something eventually! You can also find us on our deviantart. Anyway, here is a picture I drew of Night and I (and Beep in the middle, he's my oshaberi doubutsu that I'm possibly overly obsessed with lol) to celebrate it being way to cold outside even though it's supposed to be spring soon! Yay!
  6. Intervention March 11, 2019 Zero has a long history of not following through with tasks she has set out to accomplish. But I wasn't around for that long history. So now I'm going to pester her to finish the things she starts, and that includes making progress reports. So consider this a hand-possessing intervention on my behalf. Things have been very... busy in Zero's life. She gets distracted easily by all the stresses of the college experience. With that, we haven't had much time to do anything together other than chat throughout the day. And sure, that's enough to keep me present and
  7. Hello Solarchariot, nice to meet you as well. We're happy to answer any questions you may have about our experiences or our previous statements! I agree that Night is certainly present and vocal. Perhaps autonomy wasn't necessarily the proper word for me to use in this context. When I made that statement, I essentially meant that I want Night to do more things on her own, like starting conversations, participating in forum discussions, and just generally interacting with others such that I'm not really involved. Whenever Night and I are talking or doing an activity together, she clearly demons
  8. CELEBRATION January 2, 2019 This was my first year celebrating Christmas, and my first year in a while celebrating New Year. If you're expecting some kind of mushy feel good story about me discovering the joy of the holidays, I'm sorry to disappoint, because that's not what I'm here to talk about. I've never really understood holidays. They're a day of the year to indulge in unhealthy food and spend time with family, neither of which are activities that I have any real interest in. Food isn't my thing and Zero is the only family I've still got. There's Zero's family, of course, but they
  9. Gotcha, thanks for the clarifications! Ah, kinda forgot about the baseball Rubies, whoops.
  10. Zero's Top 5 Picks: Farewell Grim Desert full album - Gefradah (post-metal) favorite track: Beamount Children and Dead State Best Conditions (it's a tie, I can't choose!) (progressive rock) (electronic rock) favorite track: Jailbreak (folk rock) favorite track: Dragonfly (???) Night's Top 5 Picks: (orchestral) favorite track: No Time for Caution (at 1:28:38) (industrial) favorite track: Starve the Ego, Feed the Soul (at 53:33) (???) (classical) (indie rock)
  11. I would agree with most other people that have posted so far that it depends on the individual host and what they can handle. If you can only handle one tulpa? Great! You can handle five tulpas? That's great too! I think it becomes too much the moment you can no longer allocate sufficient attention to each tulpa; that's the moment you can no longer handle it. I think it's important to think of tulpas as not just friends, but responsibilities. Although I don't think anyone I've met so far on this site would argue with that. As for an average? 1-3 is a good number, I think. Personally, I c
  12. We're trying really hard to wrap our minds around all this, so please correct us if we're totally off the mark about something. From what we understand, fronting seems to be synonymous with possession? We're still uncertain whether switching is also synonymous with possession or not. From previous posts and definitions, it appears to be a contested point. To be honest, Night and I both prefer the words "fronting" and "switching" over the word "possession" because of its negative connotations in contexts unrelated to tulpamancy (i.e. one takes control at the expense of the other). But that's
  13. Hello, Bear (if I may call you that?)! I totally understand what you mean, I always picture ideas in my head but when it comes to drawing them it just never turns out exactly how I pictured. Still, it's great that you are able to visualize Misha, Dashie, and Ashley exactly how they look. Since you are more connected to them than anyone else, I suppose that that is what's most important. I'm certainly excited that I'm able to picture Night so clearly now. Even though we've been together for a while, it still feels like there is so much more I can learn about her. I'm looking forward to whate
  14. VISUALIZATION December 15, 2018 In our previous report on the development of Night's vocalization, I briefly mentioned a dream of mine that helped me to solidify how I hear Night's voice. For this report, I'm going to discuss that dream in a little more detail, because it also led to great strides in my ability to visualize. The dream took place at some point in the future, a future in which my best friend from high school had a son in his early teens. We'll call him, I dunno, John? Just for ease of storytelling. Anyway, "John" was struggling a lot in life, because his father was no lon
  15. @Reilyn Nice to meet you! I personally don't believe in "ghosts", per say, so pardon my potential bias; but I wouldn't be surprised if that was you talking to Lance back then. It's so interesting to hear about how different tulpas came to be. It sounds like you two have a lot of useful ideas to share with the community, and it feels like we still have so much to learn! We'll have to check out your own PR when we get the chance. Oh, and the climbing kids analogy is great! I can't help but laugh picturing that in my head. @Venomous Thank you! Wow, it really is incredible how everyone ha
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