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  1. I would ask them, but the problem is, they haven't vocalized while I'm awake, not completely. I've heard them in the form of humming and tulpish, but before the dream, there wasn't any voices besides one that I set for Ace. It was a first and it was honestly incredible. Also I have to point out that everything else points to it having been them, as the form that they visualize as changed from the Ace one to the new Avery one. I've read through almost all of that, and I know it's not sentience- The dream I had- But I think it's progress. I've always talked like they were there, listened as
  2. Thanks- That's what I took it as. It was too clear for it to be a normal dream, too grounded. And I quite like the form she chose anyways- Avery's something, that's alright. Thanks for the luck, I'll need it.
  3. So. I'm very confused. I'm an amateur tulpamancer and I'm working on my first tulpa. I haven't been working on her as a Tulpa for more than a month (about 22 days now) so nothing this vivid should be happening so soon. But I'll explain that in a moment- For the moment, some backstory is in order. Avery (That's what she wants to be called now, according to the odd incident) was originally called Ace, and was based on a figure that I saw long, long ago, who would always watch over my bed when I felt afraid, talk to me when I was sad, and instruct me when I was mad- wearing simple shorts, a r
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