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  1. I am still interested. As an addendum, I have placed both short and long critiques on some of the guides that have already been reviewed. Message me here or on Discord if you have any further questions.
  2. This short survey investigates how tulpas communicate their first responses. If you intentionally created your first tulpa with the knowledge of what tulpas are, please take a minute to put down your response. Please do not respond if you have non-tulpas/hosts (DID/OSDD, endogenic, etc) in your system. https://forms.gle/ziumtXDTg75Brzrb8
  3. Hello, my name is Kopase. I have a vested interest in making the tulpa creation process simpler and more straightforward, and to that end, have conducted various amateur research projects and studies aimed at figuring out how tulpas work, what makes guides more or less effective than others, and what stages in the tulpa creation process remain consistent across all tulpamancers without conditions such as DID that may influence creation processes in unexpected ways. After a considerable amount of time pursuing this goal, I believe I have a very strong understanding of what does and does not work about most tulpamancy concepts, especially those related to initial creation (as opposed to secondary topics such as switching and imposition that, although I am very familiar with, I have not deeply looked into). I also run a relatively large Discord server that has seen numerous people progress from the initial stages of questioning the concept of a tulpa all the way through vocalization and switching. I am less predisposed to checking forums on a regular basis but am constantly available on Discord. I also have a background in professional writing and thus understand how to provide high quality editorial comments on overall structure, flow, and organization of guides, which can be a major problem for those who do not speak English as a native language. And, as an addition, I am responsible for the Tulpa Guides YouTube channel, which currently has a full series of creation guide videos that have been submitted for review here. Some of you may have seen the videos posted there. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBp8Lze11bF2R2a-DbobUfQ
  4. I've made a series of video guides over the past several months designed to both improve on other guides by eliminating many less-substantiated forcing techniques and incorporating my research, and to deliver the information in a more comfortable (video) format. For those who cannot view the videos or would prefer to read their transcripts, I have collected their transcripts into a folder of PDFs linked here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1utyb9ZPluPFxPBlR1uYsZGoqTwJ3kDyS?usp=sharing Don't watch the In Detail series without watching the super-compact guide! They are meant to be viewed together! The Super Compact 5 Minute Video Guide to Making a Tulpa [video=youtube] This video alone should give you all the information you need to make a tulpa. It's very compact and goes over the basics without much detail. For an expanded view, continue reading/watching for the In Detail series of videos. KISS - Keep it Simple, Stupid [video=youtube] Over-complicating the forcing process is the easiest way to gimp your progress. This video goes over how to keep your eyes on the prize and avoid ideas that would only waste your time. Making a Personality [video=youtube] Too many guides and people will demonize personality forcing for what are, in my opinion, very weak reasons. Data I've collected in the past suggests that giving your tulpa a starting personality helps them to develop faster, and you also get to have an idea of who you'll have with you for the rest of your life before you start to make them. What many people fail to pick up on is that personality forcing is more about you learning the personality than the tulpa, and that once you have a strong grasp of what you're trying to make, the pieces should fall into place. Visualization and Making a Form [video=youtube] Giving your tulpa a starting form not only makes visualization a more natural process, but also (like personality forcing) can decrease the average time to create a tulpa, according to my data. The easiest way to do this (and, often, personality forcing as well) is to just copy a character you know and like from some kind of media. You should probably stick to something human or personified, though, so that you don't fail to make the mental connection that your tulpa is a person. Thinking For Your Tulpa (Parroting etc) [video=youtube] No, parroting is not bad. In fact, it's among the most useful methods available for many people trying to create tulpas. But, it shouldn't be relied on as a crutch, and this video goes over both how to use parroting in moderation, and how to employ two other tactics that are means to the same end. Getting Your First Responses [video=youtube] The moment you get your first real response from your tulpa is a highly anticipated one, and for good reason! But, avoiding false positives while also staying open for their first true attempts to reach you is no easy task. This video goes over what those initial responses should feel like, and what many people get caught up on.