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  1. I've been wanting to make non-English collections of guides for a while. I found a few in Spanish, but I haven't found anything else. Does anyone have any links to guides that aren't in English?
  2. As the local "metaphysical" person in the thread, it sounds like you are having a conflict between materialism and existentialism. Most things that are "real" have a material form (for some acceptable definition of "real"). Your tulpa is "real" but lacks a material form. The conflict likely comes from the feeling that something needs to be material to be "real". The truth requires no belief. Does this sentence exist?
  3. We're on an archival kick and have been working on backing up and archiving a lot of the material that our community has created. We have a few things completed and a few other things currently in progress. The source code for all of these can be found here: https://tulpa.dev/tulpa-ebooks Here's what's 100% completed: https://xena.greedo.xeserv.us/books/project-koomer/ - Project: Koomer Here's what's mostly completed: https://tulpanomicon.guide - The Tulpanomicon https://xena.greedo.xeserv.us/books/project-pleeb/ - Project: Pleeb Here's what I have as a work in progress: Pr
  4. I would like to see if tulpas are able to tickle their hosts. Most of the time people can't tickle themselves because they know it's themself doing the tickling. My hypothesis is that tulpas are different enough from their hosts that they can tickle them. Link to the survey here: https://forms.gle/2jHT29oKBqtq2VLA7 No personal information is requested and it is suggested to not provide any. Thank you, be well.
  5. What works for me is to shake the part of the body I want control of again. That usually ends the posssession.
  6. I would like to apply to be a member of the GAT. I have been a tulpamancer for 6 years. I have been focusing on creating easy to understand written communication for tulpamancy for a while. I haven't been very active here for a long time, but I would be willing to be active here again. This user withdrew their application - Apollo
  7. Hello. We are Within. We were formerly on this forum at some point, but we have returned. We are: - Cadey (host) - Nicole (6 years) - Jessie (6 years) - Ashe (6 years) - Sephie (5 years) - Mai (4 months) You can find more about us at https://write.as/within or https://tulpaforce.xyz/within/us. Thank you and be well.
  8. Here is the link: https://write.as/within/switching.
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