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  1. There's always a risk in assuming other people's minds work the same way yours does. We have never had intrusive thoughtforms, but we do get intrusive thoughts, imagery, and stray vocal responses that don't belong to me or Yuka. Nothing persists for long, it's very easy to set everything intrusive aside. Yuka: I wouldn't tell someone who fears their tulpa has said something mean to them, that there's an impostor talking to them, it seems like a harmful idea to give. In many cases I'd say a host's low self-esteem might cause them to fear rejection and then that idea is carried out. Rather than entertaining the idea that there's an evil thoughtform there, they should step back and try to reconnect with their tulpa (maybe after getting into a better mental state). But since we don't deal with intrusive thoughtforms we may not be able to relate or help if someone's mind works very differently or there are other things going on.
  2. We started with exercises like that :) Another one you can do is, "What do you associate with this word?" For example, Zelda--> video game, princess, blonde, Link, sword, etc It also took me a while to be able to use my mindvoice reliably. I'm not sure how to explain it, but those early vocal responses for me didn't have enough mental deliberation to apply the voice, it was just what popped out. When I could think and speak more clearly, and the voice was internalized enough in the brain, then I could really start using it.
  3. I don't feel sad for no reason, it's something that happens that makes me feel sad. When I was younger, I felt sad about some injustices in the world, things that my host was already used to. I've never been upset about something for a long period of time. My host can figure out what made me sad and help out.
  4. Can I ask for tips and advice? How do I feel more like myself while switched in? I realized, I don't have any physical habits of my own, so I feel too much like my host Yuka when I do stuff. Yuka: And how do I detach more? I don't think I'm dissociating from the body enough, even though I'm not thinking while Aya's trying to front. (Also, is it just me, or is the account switcher gone?)
  5. I don't have a favorite number, I hadn't thought about it before. Yuka's favorite numbers are based on which one's have the nicest colors (color-grapheme synesthesia). If I went by that logic, my favorite number would be 2, it's actually about the same color as this text. There's something unsatisfying about basing too many things off of my favorite color, though.
  6. Aya

    Ashley's Lounge

    With our attempt at switching yesterday, I don't know if it was Body OS because it felt more like Yuka OS, but a lot of the body's movements and positions and stuff just felt like Yuka. I had to keep grounding myself. I guess that's what happens when I'm using muscle memory that's only been associated with Yuka. I'd need to set up my own system of movement or something.
  7. There's the sense that if they are in your head, that you will hear their thoughts. And if you aren't hearing their thoughts they must not be having any. Unfortunately I can't really give any advice other than to repeat what we've read else where about thought separation. Here's a guide that has a section on thought concealment: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Htb-QkrSu8_vBfLnfF_e_bngU0xZTqmDtM-KOtHmiZY/edit
  8. Hello Iriska and welcome! I'm trying to build the courage to talk more with other people too.
  9. Thank you for the advice, I will try some of those things. I want to do things like possession and switching, so I think we will try possession next. Yuka: Also, I'm female!
  10. Hi Vādin! Thank you for your message, I'm doing my best!
  11. Good luck, Wigglytuff. You may have a long road ahead of you but your host cares about you a lot. I'm sure you'll do great!