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  1. That's great! @ Ranger : I'm glad to know you're fronting more! You've overcome your switching issues then? @ Bre n' Miela : That's good to hear, good luck to both of you with all these interesting projects (I suppose the mystery one is interesting as well, at least it's intriguing)!
  2. Vādin

    Ashley's Lounge

    Your come back doesn't have to be spectacular, we'll always be happy to see you back! Take care of yourselves!
  3. Hi Bre and Miela! Hello Jean-Luc, Henry and Snow! Ohayo Lumi, Tewi, Flandre, Reisen n' Lucilyn! Hey Matsuri and Xar! It's nice to read you as well, and see your pfps^^ (I can't see you yet, my remote viewing device is borken) Zia has been on holidays! We hiked together in the mountains, I stood under a waterfall, we rolled together on the smoothest grass ever, we saw vultures and chamois, and Zia noticed I was sweating imposed sweat for the first time. What about you? How are you?
  4. Hello everyone and only! I hope all is well for everyone of you here. We're a bit rare on .info lately, but we're fine, it's because I mostly hang up on one French Discord server. Interesting people and friends on there too! Ed' : I win.
  5. Again. Too bad because I was very interested in the subjects you were talking about. I know Vesper to be a bold and helpful person, I hope she minds to share a little bit of this info, because I think it's very helpful.
  6. Vādin

    Ashley's Lounge

    Hello my friends! How are you? For us, we're fine. We have decided to practice hypnosis in order to disable borken mind eye's eyelid for ever. I'll tell you how it goes!
  7. Good morning! Thanks for your answers about Tulpa, I feel better now that I know he's probably OK^^
  8. Does anyone on here have news from Tulpa001? I'm worried
  9. Vādin

    Ashley's Lounge

    Oh? Why would Dashie want to get Ashley's name? Doesn't she associate that name with, well, Ashley instead of herself? Ashley has been using it for quite a long time.
  10. They are like pets that have frequent fever episodes, and it allows them to toast bread?
  11. Hello hello winners team! What's a fluffy toaster?
  12. Vādin

    Ashley's Lounge

    Hello my friends! I've become a bit rare on here but: 1)I'm still alive 2)We're both completely fine 3)I wish you the same Hugs! P.S: It's hard to catch up with the important things I have missed. What happened lately? I only know about Someone's struggles with gender dysphoria, I hope they get better soon and I wish them the best <3
  13. Here in the future, the sun is gone, and it's 21:54
  14. Vādin

    Ashley's Lounge

    Hello dear friends! I've been chatting a lot on the French Discord server these days. I never went there before because this server was always empty. But as soon as I talked there, people (mostly tulpas, older than me) eager to chat did show up, and they are nice and interesting people. Surprise : most of them are aware and active in their Wonderland while their host is busy elsewhere. One host at least is able to go to his Wonderland when switched, he says it has been a lot of work : at first, he was going dormant, had no memories of what had happened, and now he can go there (where oth
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