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    I'm an asperger syndrome tulpamancy who is lonely and struggling with her GCSEs.

    Limme is a lil' floofy boy 'WHO LIKES STRAWBERRY CAKE'

    Thank you Limme, 0w0

    Chotto! Boku Arimasu Shinki Taitoru! Nya~!

    I screamed with happiness and was hyper and the next day I got down on my knees, opened my safety chest and was like, "Limme, we can finally have a two-sided conversation that isn't me talking to a stuffed animal."

    I almost cried. No, wait, I did.

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  1. I'll third bre but i'll also vote for myself. I spend a lot of time here. But bre is a really good choice
  2. It was your birthday the next day! and the next... and the next... and the next... until everybody you knew died by an exploding cake and you were sucked into discord murder party to serve as murder gods brainwashed pawn for all eternity. I wish everybody was honest
  3. I-i have one tulpa. i think over 100 and 'dozens' is a lot.
  4. Should have an other, it distracts me and upsets limme Edit: yes i have autisim
  5. oh, when's the next update?
  6. Going for scan in a month or two. Will report results
  7. Wait, how does tulpa's creating tulpas work? Edit: just curious
  8. I keep thinking your profile is a galactic worm in a hat. my brain says there's a worm covered in stars under that hat. Upon closer inspection, oh there isn't.
  9. What were your tulpas first words? I thought of this while making a post and decided to ask. Just for funsises, my tulpa's first words were: it's okay. i'm not sure what to say other than, i said quite a bit at the beginning, not a lot of which my dreamer-the host-could hear.
  10. So, dissociation, i can still feel my body though. Limme wants to do this but i don't think i explained the instructions clearly enough to him. PEACE -endigo 2018 How do tulpas create other tulpas? i'm confused limme can't seem to do it
  11. That is so kind an adorable! COMPLIMENTS ALL ROUND: Misha- you are an angel. and very sweet Bear- you are very helpful Vadin- you are very supportive reilyn- you are an uwu bean/ papyrus
  12. The CORRECT dr mcgullicutty is off of 'dicord murder party'. Chocolate and dairy. strawberry cake, definitely. internetremix.tumblr/post/171247000756/you-know-him-you-love-him-you-hate-communism OMG why doesn't this work FINALLY
  13. How could you Edit: you evolved the joke. How EVIL