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  1. Heyho, Name's Break. I've been reading these Forums for a long time now and thought it would finally be time to get in touch with the community :) I actually tried tulpamancing 2 years ago. Yes, tried. Sadly I didn't have enough determination to keep it up. However, time has passed, I have changed as a person and this time i'm giving it my all. (Not only for me, but also for her!) I restarted about a week ago and Alice has recovered pretty well. Right now we are at a point where she can communicate with me using body language (only simple things like yes/no/i don't know or showing me that she likes a gift by hugging me) I'd really love to share the experiences we had so far with you, but don't want to build a Wall of text here :) Guess you'll see me in the Progress Report subforum when I have time!