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  1. Technically... I did... but this was when I was little and he was just an imaginary friend that I had. There’s no way they could remember him now, and I haven’t told them that he’s still my best friend, and I probably never will. My parents would definitely think I was delusional for that so yeah... not happening. But I have told my sister that we still are friends, and she understands because she knows I don’t take “him” too far and know when to be in the real world.
  2. I’ve been feeling a little conflicted because I no longer feel the same joy with my tulpa as I used to. Everything we do just seems pointless... like I’m creating something that just isn’t real. I feel a little heartbroken because I no longer feel the same spark that I use to with him. He’s been my best friend since I was very little, so it’s not like I can just “abandon” him. It’s just difficult because I’m entering the working world and adulting and I just graduated high school. I don’t want to lose him... I have a very special place in my heart for him. But I also feel like I shouldn’t spend my time daydreaming and should be more productive. When I try active forcing time with him, I get bored fast. I use to be able to force time with him and everything was perfect, but now it feels like I may as well watch Netflix or scroll through Instagram. Spending time with him while listening to music is just about the only thing that I feel really good about anymore. I don’t know, I guess I’m just wondering if anyone has any advice to help with this situation or can relate to what I’m going through. I refuse to let go of him- just as I grow older I feel like everything is more and more pointless. I feel like he’s real but I can’t help but doubt it. What do I do to fix this and create what we had once again?
  3. I consider myself to have severe depression and anxiety. In middle school I was diagnosed with depression and took prescribed antidepressants to help with it. For a while I saw a mental health counselor but honestly she didn’t help much (I hate to say it but it’s true). Now my depression is greatly reduced, but I still get the occasional existential crisis and feeling like everything is meaningless, which makes it difficult for me to function a lot. Also, I stuggle a lot more now with anxiety than I ever have. I have unintentionally isolated myself from my friends, just by my own head telling myself that they don’t really like me, they just pretend to. They’re nice to me and not mean at all, it really is just my own problems why I don’t talk to my “friends” anymore. Ty (my tulpa) helps a lot- he takes away the depression almost completely by helping me find happiness, but the anxiety can’t really be helped.
  4. My tulpa was something I made up when I was in first grade. I originally had many (maybe a hundred or so) imaginary friends- in fact he was just a “side character” at first- but for some reason he’s the only one that has stuck with me all this time. Anyways, he’s basically a furry, but I didn’t know what furries were then so he doesn’t really feel like one if that makes sense. Not that this really matters but a few days ago I found out what a Seraphim really was when I was reading a Christian book and decided to look it up. Definitely an interesting entity to base a Tulpa off of ^^
  5. Thank you for the welcome! And sure! I’ll check it out ^^
  6. Hello! So I just joined... literally eight minutes ago from when I started typing this cx So, my name is Wonderland/Wonder, I couldn’t think of anything unique okay xD I have a Tulpa for over 10 years now, and I first created him when I was probably 6/7 years old. He started out as an imaginary friend and has never left me. He is... a rat... named Ty... but remember I created him when I was little so no judgement cx Also, this is the first time I have ever posted something about him online. It’s crazy to me... it almost feels like I’m finally “coming out” about this as the only person who knew about my Tulpa was/is my sister. (also, it’s crazy to post in a forum again; I use to be involved in tons of forums but none about Tulpas) Also, obviously I am new so if I say or do anything that’s a little different or have any misconceptions about Tulpas feel free to correct me :)