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  1. Don't let anyone post ponies. Rangers are protectors, protect this server!
  2. Nihi, you saved me with J letter and made me laugh so hard xD xD xD Half way through, let's hope no one won't post ponies
  3. Ok, man. You give so much inspiration, so much energy to keep going. Thank you :)
  4. Hmm... Evgeniy, did you already create your tulpa? I want to ask, for how long did you work on him/her and how much time did you give to your tulpa daily? P.S. No problem at all with it, I knew someone will joke like like you did
  5. Thank you! Oh, I am so frustrated with this tulpa stuff, but I try my best to make her real
  6. Best way to win this game is don't post ponies. Obviously