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  1. Super duper reverse edit for replies: Yep that sounds about right! Didn't realise both words existed until now. Maybe I'll try savor that state a little more instead of instantly checking my phone :P OwO Glad to hear it worked so well for you! Alice will definitely be attending as many lectures as she can bear :P Slightly sparser progress (nothing huge here): 2019/03/04 Told my gf about Alice today. Seemed to go ok? Not sure she entirely gets it but she's like 90% there. I think it's just weird because we're still in the process of... encouraging Alice to be an independen
  2. I think tarantulas spook both of us a little bit... I'm not as used to fuzzy spiders, I like the stick-figure ones :P Yay for new hair!! And yeah DnD is good, I really recommend it if you can find a game. Even over the internet is alright. Progress time! 2019/03/02 I tried 30 minutes of meditation with some isochronic tones (I felt bad for dismissing them on the solfeggio tones' shadiness). I feel like the tone very quickly had some effect. My facial expression faded away the moment it started. Idk how much else it did but the meditation seemed alright. Then we looked for a voice f
  3. Aha, easy when wonderland is still small. Draw a friendly spider :)
  4. Is there a difference? Taking the king is just playing it out, isn't it?
  5. 2019/02/27 Didn't do a whole lot today. Still talked a bit, some words, some not. We're a bit tired from other events. In the evening we moved past that and chatted in the discord. Alice talked too! Alice made a daddy longlegs to stay in our wonderland, after some spider discussion. Maybe it can catch intrusive thoughts and nom nom nom them. 2019/02/28 Did some more of the worksheet, hung out a little more, chatted more. Alice is getting better at answering questions. The worksheet is a really good warmup. I had a realisation, that... when Alice changed her hair colour from blonde
  6. Matcha is Japanese green tea, made by powdering and dissolving the leaves instead of the normal tea thing. Diffusion? I make it sweet and milky, not the traditional way, and Alice has decided it's very good and I should always have it instead of coffee :P
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