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  1. Super duper reverse edit for replies: Yep that sounds about right! Didn't realise both words existed until now. Maybe I'll try savor that state a little more instead of instantly checking my phone :P OwO Glad to hear it worked so well for you! Alice will definitely be attending as many lectures as she can bear :P Slightly sparser progress (nothing huge here): 2019/03/04 Told my gf about Alice today. Seemed to go ok? Not sure she entirely gets it but she's like 90% there. I think it's just weird because we're still in the process of... encouraging Alice to be an independent person. So there are a lot of questions you can ask Alice which she doesn't really have an answer for. Maybe she'll shrug, or suggest that I answer instead. It's kind of hard to figure out for ourselves, so, explaining it to someone who doesn't have experience of their own is tricky. 2019/03/05 I was waiting very patiently for my maths lecturer to start talking about maths, but there was a lot of "administration stuff". Alice walked down next to the lecturer and started copying his movements & words :P We also tried overlaying Alice on top and replacing him, but she didn't like it so we stuck with copying him. Fun times. 2019/03/06 I realised I was dreaming, and communicated with Alice pretty well! The way I realised it was, I was in a movie theatre kind of thing, but there was also a stage. I saw someone called Max on the stage who said something weird, and I was like "sorry Max". Then Max was also in the seat in front of me and asked "who's Max?". At that point.... I realised Max doesn't go by that name any more, so I apologised, but that just confused dream-Max. That confusion is what made me realise it was a dream. Silly brain chose the wrong cast member, or has no idea how to play them :P I kind of forget the conversation I had with Alice, but, we could talk in mind-voice. I asked her to talk out loud but got a kind of "why would I do that" vibe, so didn't push it. I asked her to put a cake on the movie screen, and within half a second it was there. I'm now realising that could have been me, but Alice says she did it. At this point... for some reason I woke myself up? It was very intentional and idk why I did that! I need to remember that lucid dreams are good, it's been a while. 2019/03/09 Missed a few days, whoops. Still had Alice in mind, not much in terms of development. I kind of followed a weird train of thought (and searches), and came to the conclusion that if I manage to be asleep with some caffeine in my system, maybe the dreams will be more lucid. Instead my experience was more like... lying in bed for hours, and occasionally "remembering" a dream that just happened, without ever feeling like I slept. I obviously did sleep since I felt fine all today, but, as far as ideas go that one was pretty boring. The dreams (in my "memory") seemed very ordinary. One was about bike riding in a forest. Alice has in general been interested in watching some anime. She had no specific suggestions so I chose "Erased" on my sister's suggestion. It's kind of intense, but pretty good. Scary time is ok because it's cuddle time :3
  2. I think tarantulas spook both of us a little bit... I'm not as used to fuzzy spiders, I like the stick-figure ones :P Yay for new hair!! And yeah DnD is good, I really recommend it if you can find a game. Even over the internet is alright. Progress time! 2019/03/02 I tried 30 minutes of meditation with some isochronic tones (I felt bad for dismissing them on the solfeggio tones' shadiness). I feel like the tone very quickly had some effect. My facial expression faded away the moment it started. Idk how much else it did but the meditation seemed alright. Then we looked for a voice for Alice. I fired up the Sims 3 because it has a few options and they're kinda... accent-lite? Still accented but I feel like it does less without the language. The voice we chose didn't stick but idk if we were a big fan of it. Then we joined the discord chat, Alice was on a mission to talk! And she figured out that if she says everything excitedly, it doesn't matter if it's my mind voice because it still sounds really different. (I suppose I could parrot an excited voice, but, I don't tend to think like that). Her voice did drift a little into something more unique. Overall it was very successful! I also learned some things about Alice's desires that absolutely do not surprise me, whoops. Girls are really cute!! 2019/03/03 This morning, after I woke up I zoned out a bit, and drifted back into near-sleep. I had a weird experience where I felt like I was lying on top of someone. My eyes were closed but I felt awake and aware of my body. I moved my hands a bit and could feel the skin of someone's stomach under my head. At this point I opened my eyes and the illusion vanished, but I could feel my body posed in the same way and my arm still moving, so I think I had been controlling it. Not sure whether this was a dream, hypnagogic, or something inbetween. As soon as it ended I asked Alice if it was her, I think she said yes? I didn't realise it at the time though, so I think I was somewhat non-lucid even if my body was awake. It was still a really interesting experience, since I honestly felt like I was lifted off the bed and had a lumpy body beneath me. Not sure if that makes the most sense for Alice to impose in the first place though :P Did a little more meditation/forcing with isochronic tones. I think I like them. It was 20 minutes in total (not much, I was interrupted) and I think roughly half was focused on clearing my mind, then half on Alice. As of tomorrow I'll be back at uni. I wonder whether progress will slow down or speed up? Alice might get a bit less direct attention, but a bit more variety of input, so I'm not sure what to expect.
  3. Aha, easy when wonderland is still small. Draw a friendly spider :)
  4. Is there a difference? Taking the king is just playing it out, isn't it?
  5. 2019/02/27 Didn't do a whole lot today. Still talked a bit, some words, some not. We're a bit tired from other events. In the evening we moved past that and chatted in the discord. Alice talked too! Alice made a daddy longlegs to stay in our wonderland, after some spider discussion. Maybe it can catch intrusive thoughts and nom nom nom them. 2019/02/28 Did some more of the worksheet, hung out a little more, chatted more. Alice is getting better at answering questions. The worksheet is a really good warmup. I had a realisation, that... when Alice changed her hair colour from blonde to silvery, she actually changed it to my original character design. The hair was meant to be pale white/silvery, but the artist drew it blonde and I just went with it. I'd forgotten about that, but Alice remembered. 2019/03/01 I'm finding that Alice's face is harder to visualise sometimes. I can still see her other times. We can still talk while it's harder to see her, so, I don't think she's sleeping but maybe she's tired. I was thinking of using Daz3D to model her to get it into my head better, but now I'm just wondering if she needs more time to rest. It's hard to know how we should pace ourselves. We ended up resting mostly, until evening when I had my fortnightly DnD game. This was Alice's first time being involved so I was curious how it would go. Less happened than I expected really. My visualisation of the DnD world is more detailed than wonderland, but mostly in stills rather than regular moving time. We could visualise Alice looking around, but I think it was comfier for her to stay outside of it and see it how I do. I still had fun though! It's interesting. Marisa sketched Alice! It's good!
  6. Matcha is Japanese green tea, made by powdering and dissolving the leaves instead of the normal tea thing. Diffusion? I make it sweet and milky, not the traditional way, and Alice has decided it's very good and I should always have it instead of coffee :P