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  1. Can you do things in your wonderland RPG/Life Simulation style? Like joining a martial arts school or getting a job to earn money?
  2. I have a nightmare. I wish that there is only one person on Earth.
  3. If you're writing a story does it affect your tulpa in some way?
  4. January 7 I spend some time in my wonderland talking to NPCs about themselves. #1 Me: Excuse me. Schoolboy: Huh? Me: What grade are you in? Schoolboy: I'm a senior. I was a junior because I dropped off from school at first though. Me: I see. #2 Me: Excuse me. Firefighter: Yes? Me: How are you today? Firefighter: I'm doing great. There haven't been any accidents today though. Me: Good to hear. #3 Me: Excuse me. Schoolboy: Yes? Me: Which ideology do you associate with? Schoolboy: Does it ha
  5. January 7 I and my tulpas had a very interesting conversation. Me: Hello. Jeni: Hello. Me: How's it going with work today? Jeni: It was good. Me: Cool. What about you, Kenji? Kenji: Good, I suppose. Me: Do you think Ms. Pollard might be at school tomorrow? Jeni: I don't think so. Me: Are you sure? Kenji: Go see for yourself. Me: Alright. I'm thinking that she might be at school next week. Jeni: Probably. Me: Today has been a weird day. Jeni: Why? Kenji: When you mean that you were thinking about something that happened two years ago and someo
  6. I gave my tulpas presents for Christmas but I didn't actually buy it in real life. Is that normal?
  7. January 3 Hello everyone and I hope everyone had a good New Year. Nothing much had happened over the past few months and I enjoyed talking to my two tulpas and they kept me company like a good friend should do. Yesterday, Jeni got a job as a video game tester and I told her to work there because they get paid very well (not too often though). Kenji was also thinking about working there. Also, Jeni got an iPad for Christmas while Kenji got a katana and a Nintendo 3DS. Other than that, that's all that I can say about my progress with my tulpas an
  8. Is it possible to taste something while visualizing?
  9. What can I do to make my wonderland more enjoyable? I'm trying to based my wonderland on Malaysia (or Kuala Lumpur). What can I do to make it better?
  10. Is it better to see it in first person or third person wonderland-wise?
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