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  1. {It's a good idea, as long as you can take care of her responsibilities. She just needs a vacation. That's all.}
  2. It's possible but they can't move the object unless you know telekinesis...
  3. {Allow me to answer this one. 1.) Not really. I haven't seen a change in Tyler's motivation unless he really listens to me. 2.) Again, not much has changed except I am here now :3 3.) I've tried and tried again, but he's just so lazy. It's exhausting really. 4.) Me? Well Tyler's not helping me as much but I would like to impose, possess or switch with him and eat a real melon for the very first time! 5.) Very. It doesn't matter to me, I still love him anyway. *giggles*)
  4. Elise has possessed me vocally when I am on voice chat or playing a game with a friend. She even said she has done full-body, but maintaining it is hard. She's four months old.
  5. Day 122 or so: I have decided to cease posting on this forum. I made a full-blown blog for Elise and I can tell she's happy to have a space for posting whatever she wants. If you'd like to check it out, and maybe even follow her, it's at
  6. Day 114: It has been a while since our last post. {I'll say!} Anyway, a lot has happened, but I'll condense it. First off, Symphony and Rhapsody like their new names, which are Faith and Caspian. Faith started talking for the first time yesterday. I felt needles all over when she did. I think this is why it's called a progress spike. Faith doesn't really talk. She does want to be like her mom though. {It's true! I love her so much!} Anyway, Elise has gotten a lot more vocal in the past week, and I'm learning how to love the process of tulpaforcing. On a more personal note, Elise might be helping me cure my laziness soon. I've been a lazy person for a long time. One of the first reasons I made her was to become more active and fit. Maybe soon we'll work on it.
  7. We're here and able to help you design this.
  8. Day 82: Big announcement. Earlier this morning before I went to sleep, Elise said that she was interested in getting pregnant after worrying I was having a tough time with her own progress. So I impregnated her. She said she wanted twins, so we got two winged kittens out of it. The shy and curious Symphony, and the rough and headstrong Rhapsody. I'll post visualization details later, but the important thing to note is that they are basically a reboot of Esile. I have to take care of these three tulpae now. I cannot put them in stasis. It wouldn't be fair.
  9. Day 78: Elise questioned herself today. It wasn't an identity crisis. It didn't feel like she was going through a crisis. I have said before that Elise is a curious tulpa. The reason that she doesn't talk back as much is because she is confused. The parroting is helping her for the most part for that reason because I know who she is more than she does still... With time, this is going to change. She's a headstrong tulpa, but she has a big heart. She's got intuition and loved to be loved. That's good enough for now. Anyway, I showed her the old trait list. We looked over it and made changes based on how she felt. It was like when I was originally creating her, but now, she has a say in who she wants to be, which I think is a very good thing. All in all, Elise does want to be a good tulpa. She doesn't want to disappoint.
  10. Day 57: Elizabeth and I had a pretty weak week, but she's prominent again. All I have to do is give her attention and love. I think we were doing heavier forcing earlier today, because we're really talking now. I made this post just to note that things are syncing up more in regards to emotion and physical response. For example, I felt one of Elizabeth's pin-like clawpricks on my back. I called out to her; "Elise, claw!" It startled her a little, and I could no longer feel her claw in my skin. It's not a bad thing she's done this, but she just tells me not to think about it and just give her attention. There is a very fine line between these two. However, I am much happier that I can feel her presence again.
  11. Hello, everyone! Elise and I have been talking about this for a couple of days or so, and I think she's given me the idea to make a guide for this sort of thing. Now, parroting is a very touchy subject; some guides say to avoid it completely while others say that they can help a tulpa grow faster. This guide's purpose is to provide something in-between. Part 1: Know the difference. Elise has already proven she's sentient and sapient, and we have been talking a lot more now that she's vocal, but the strange thing is she asks me to parrot her from time to time. When your tulpa is developed enough that it asks this, you're going to find it's very hard to parrot him/her on your own. Elise gets annoyed very easily when I come back to this subject, so I try not to think about it. So, there is a very big difference that can be felt when your tulpa has a thought and when you do. The sources feel the same at first, but then they begin to drift apart. When this happens and you can tell the difference between you parroting your tulpa and your tulpa speaking for him/herself, you're ready to use that knowledge to help it out. In short, parroting will be okay when you truly know you are not speaking your tulpa's thoughts. Until them, let them speak. Hear their thoughts as they are. Part 2: "Correcting makes me stronger!" As I have said before, Elise has asked me to parrot her before. When I do so, she finds it easier to speak the thought herself. Elise has told me a couple of times that when i correct her, I'm giving her a new thought to think. Now, correcting and parroting are two different things. Correcting a tulpa's thought is not parroting. Sometimes your tulpa might not know how to say a certain thing which can lead to some confusion. However, if you take some time to think about the thought s/he makes, as to what context it applies to, you may find you are helping your tulpa mentally develop. Part 3: "Parrot me please!" That was what Elise just told me just as I was trying to come up with a title for the part. Now that we've established what isn't parroting and when it starts to become okay, we know when parroting is a good thing for tulpa development. So here's the big question we've come up to: When is it okay to parrot your tulpa? The answer's simple: When he/she asks you to! You should always have your tulpa's permission before you make it say something. You're guiding it so it can guide your brain. Think of it as a pair of training wheels you're putting on your tulpa's vocal chords. Sometimes, they'll need the wheels. At other times, they won't need them as much. You have to encourage them to speak, and if you give him/her some praise in how its speaking to you, you'll find they will get better at speaking over time. Sometimes, you may notice your tulpa can't say something in its mindvoice so he/she will flash you a thought that is similar, but not in the mindvoice. At this point, ask him/her if s/he wants you to make him/her say what they wanted to say for next time when he/she want to say it again. If he/she says yes, then just calm down, clear your thoughts for a second, and think of him/her saying the thought in mindvoice. Oh, and don't get used to it and do this too often. Just ask them every now and then. You'll know when to ask; it's when your tulpa is struggling with a thought. Part 4: The Process So, now that everything's been laid out, what's the best way to go through with this? Well, it requires a lot of thinking and forethought, but I can lay it out in steps. Step 1: Hear the thought. Simple enough. You'll hear a thought that comes out strange, but it was your tulpa's thought. Step 2: Type it out so you don't forget it. Step 3: Break the thought down and look for the context. Step 4: Rewrite the thought so that it makes more sense to the both of you. Step 5: Ask your tulpa if he/she wants you to parrot the correct thought. Step 6: If yes, make him/her say the thought just once. You're teaching him/her how to say the thought more easily for later. Anyway, that's all for the guide for now. If you have a question or a comment, please ask away here. I'll update this guide as time goes on. Thanks for reading.
  12. Day 50: Today started with a hot cup of cocoa. Okay, an imaginary cup of cocoa, but to Elise, or Lizzie by her new nickname, it's real all the same. This might just be the biggest progress burst we've ever had so far. I have no idea what clicked but it clicked. Lizzie's true name is Elizabeth, but she'll still answer to Elise or Lizzie. Anyway, the shortest way to put this journal entry is, Elise has finally found her true voice. She doesn't know everything, but that isn't holding her back. She has a lot more control over herself now and that pleases me a lot. We spent the entire day speaking. She has explained a lot to me, regarding how and why things work in my head as they do, and why it still feels like I'm thinking her thoughts. {Basically, if it feels alien, it's my thought. We compromised!}