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  1. Your story is very interesting, thanks for sharing it. Thanks to it, I am less worry now. Hope someday Gil can do it.
  2. I always let him do his own choice, but he just response when I imagine. I keep doing my project and wait for him to do it freely. Can you share your exp and show me how to do it better?
  3. His name is Gil, he 's about 1,8m, he looks awesome with his handsome face, blone tangled (dark yellow + light red) hair. He has blue eyes but while look straight into them, you can see the world I dream of. His character is too complication for my vocabulary to explain.
  4. I were on the far side of societal fringes that why I came to tulpa. Everyday, I'm always ready for his coming, for magic which comes from my effort. I take him with me anywhere I go, make convesations, imagine detailly every part of him, make it as real as possible. Is there any other tips? Hope your advice can help me. Thanks
  5. Thanks for your advice I' ve been doing for almost 3 years but now it's not been effective yet
  6. Thanks for reply, Ranger. My reference is quite similar to which you can search on gg and in this forum. I don't give you link cause it 's not in english. Answer your questions: He already has his form and name. No, I have no special feeling when focus on them. There 's no signal to realise he was created. He would never talk to me if I don't imagine our conversation. He can't act normally without my imagination. What can I do?
  7. Help me, please. I started to create tulpa 3 years ago, I 've done exactly as directed but I 've never seen any signal about his existence. I'm afraid to lose my faith, my hope and my motivation. Could you guide me detailly some easy, effective ways and tips with my case? I'm looking forward to your response. Thanks so much. ( sorry for my english)