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  1. I see, thank you for clarifying. I guess I'll "force like it's 2012" for a couple of months and see how it goes. Luminesce, imo getting 1000$ in 100 days may seem the same like getting 10$ a day, but it is way more profound experience and could shut out any disbelief that might surface... or at least this is how I hope it will be.
  2. Hey, So I've run into this thread(NotAnonymous's general idea, pretty much summed up in the first message) which got me thinking... it seems that tulpamancy have 2 forms of practice: The old-school approach: mostly based on FAQ_Man's and Irish's creation guide, which takes a much more time to create the tulpa and prefer perfecting the form and narrating a lot, and when time come's the tulpa will contact you by itself (usually starting with head pressures and alien emotion and general feelings). The Modern approach: which seems to be built upon the sentence "assume sentience from start", and a lot more forgiving for "unconscious parroting" and treating it as the tulpa (even if it started from day 1). ------ Now, from what I read around, it seems that the old-school approach seems to promote a more separated tulpa but at the 'cost' of being more patient and putting in more work before seeing any result, while the modern approach is more suited for the impatient but at the cost of less separation. I've started to create Lili with the modern approach at first, but everytime she answered it felt too fake, I tried to believe but after the 3rd time looking around for approval of "unconscious parroting is ok / isn't parroting at all" and running into said thread in the top I found that I'd rather put some hard work (while still assuming sentience, as the thread mentions) and just wait until I get a response with 0 doubts (or at least until I give up and go back to the modern approach) My question is should I even bother with all this hard work or am I just hindering progress? I don't mind the hard work, I'd rather a high separation. also I'd like to hear some more opinions on this subject, I tried looking for some threads but I didn't really find any