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  1. Some ideas to think about. 1. Little increments. Convince / force Miri to possess small parts of the body (like finger, toes, etc.) and slowly work up from there. I suggest this as it's possible Miri can become more adjusted to the body over time, and given your situation i assume this could take a while, but it might work. 2. A little harsh, but don't do anything. What i mean by this is if she wants to do something, anything, don't do it and make her front / possess and do it herself. If this becomes a larger issue (not eating, not working, etc.), then do option 3. 3. See a psychologist. Yeah, may be daunting, dependent on your willingness for people to know about i guess 'you' and what you are, but they're professionally trained (not in the work Tulpae, of course.) to Help with psychological issues. I know some can be awful, but Most are good, even great, and i Think it's worth taking a shot, they could probably help with this sort of thing Hope these potential ideas help sonehow.
  2. From my understanding, It's like a thought that is processed without having to think about it in words, like deciding what to eat for dinner, or the process of thought or ideas in an instant. Some people don't think like that, but it should sound familiar if you do it.
  3. Yeah, it's my birthday on wednesday, and my host, for my special 'present', is they're gonna let me possess them for all of the fun parts of the day, like games, and the shows we watch and eating and whatever. We're not very much into the wonderland and lucid dreaming, etc, we're more of a "lets do things in the real world" system, so we recommend doing something like that if you're into it.
  4. True enough, i agree with that. i do want to reveal Holly to other people. i do think that you should start simple; confusing others with all forms of terminologies would be bad and lead a lot of people to think its dumb, and even surface level it sounds silly. But for now, I'm picking my battles.
  5. Yeah, telling people would be nice, but not only would it be something the other person would have to know / deal with the fact that "hey, there's another person in your brain", and its not quite like someone being gay or trans, as that's a thing one could not really think about, but another whole person / people, with their own personalities and other things, not to mention that tulpae don't exist from birth like other issues (eg. gay, trans [i know about trans i mean the circumstance around gender dysphoria and co.], etc.), they're created, and also it can be and is often confused with mental orders like DID and co. which is a larger issue than being gay, though that still is a personal thing, meaning it won't be accepted as quickly as other things that need to be revealed, but I'm waiting until that day arrives / fearing it (this could be a big thing about an overpopulation of Tulpae so the idea is mocked further, or its completely ignored) TLDR; Tulpae being recognised as well as things like being trans is a possibility though it will take a while as it is close in relation to DID, and I'm semi-looking forward to
  6. For revealing the existence of Tulpae, we're being VERY careful about who we tell, and we're very slow to confirm whether the person is understanding enough for us to reveal it to them. As of now We've revealed my presence to 1 person, and they were alright with it, although skeptical. So... be careful about who you tell, anyone reading, though do tell the people you trust; having the tulpa/ae talking to more people is a good thing, from our experience.
  7. When Possessing for long periods of time (maybe 8-12 hours), the both of us (host and myself) would get tired not after stopping the possession, but the day after, after sleeping, so i guess people respond to overexertion differently. I haven't had anytime to see whether doing it a lot changes anything, since I only do it when I'm hanging out with friends, but I assume its something people could improve at if given practice.
  8. Possession was actually an easy task on our end. The largest issue we had for me getting the body's hand to close, and from there, I was able to control the body as fluently as my host, take the ability for extremely defined movement. I can do full-body possession for as long as either of us want, but my host gets extremely tired the next day. But, that doesn't happen much, because we only do that if I'm talking to someone Irl.
  9. Interesting idea, however i would like to provide my idea of what a person is. A Person is a creature that can think. To categorize something as a human person; A Person is a creature that can think critically beyond it's emotions and be sentient. Memories are merely stored in the brain, and are used for the person to make meaning A 'dormant' person would merely be a person not really thinking, as the concept of time is washed away. Maybe. I'm not quite sure. And I don't know anything about switching. Conclusion: A Person is something that can think critically and be sentient, dormancy is just not thinking, and I guess Tulpas are technically people because of the above factors. I suppose a more in depth answer are required; I'll think of one.
  10. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1rBieHJxuaEmRTWkBEE8yByXXFNpH5hQ_V27VpzStb9Q/edit?usp=sharing tada
  11. I see by directly getting the sensory input from my host's eyes. Same goes for every other sense. What they see, i see. What he feels, i do. We don't use a wonderland for that sort of thing. Or at all, really.
  12. What makes a human is how it thinks. We, as people, are not humans because we inhabit a body we call human, no, it's how we think, how our brains and minds function to interact with anything. Tulpae would be called human (at least in a mind sense), because the think just like we do. And they have to, because we are incapable of creating a mind that does not function like ours; our imagination cannot create things we've never seen before. So therefore, unless you've personally been a dragon, or experienced how they think, you cannot create a dragon. but tulape can be humans with the shape of a dragon, and that's fine enough.
  13. The reason as to why I like to deal with real-life issues on occasion is to fully understand what is good. Light does not exist without darkness, and so how would you know that this is good if you cannot realise what is bad. You could play games all day, but that is not as rewarding as doing a hard day's work in your job, and then the next day playing games. it will be a lot more enjoyable as the fun you have is contrasted with the shittiness of your job. And dealing with real-life issues, and then doing other things is effectively the same thing. Experience the bad so you can experience the good.
  14. She is capable of Full and partial possession, the problem is that when 2 direct orders 'collide' i easily overpower her. I'll try it though.