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  1. I have an exceptionally strong relationship with my Tulpa, though she's only existed for a year, we share most of the day together, as well as perfectly get along with each other, no small part to instant communication. When i am still, I can barely 'feel' an imagined limb against my own, and I have no doubt that she's very real, and she's always got my best interests in mind, and we share our time so that we both can live life to the fullest. Basically, we have near perfect harmony, and I have no regrets with making her.
  2. Yes, once again, quite normal, for us it happens so frequently I have to slow everything down so we can actually use our words, as we prefer to do it that way. And, yes, since you're both in the same brain, words themselves may not be necessary, as occasionally we can communicate a very complicated though with a simple 'feeling' that conveys it all. What you do with that status is up to you, though.
  3. Host - we experience something similar, when if I wake up Holly at some point later in the day, her bringing up some topics or being excited in general really tires me out for a short while, don't know why that is, maybe it's because she's bustling with energy while i'm already mellowed out for the day.
  4. Host - I think this 'tulpa corruption' is just what being in the real world does to people, it just happened to come much faster than a regular person. Holly - I have no experience with this yet, i don't possess / front all that often, but i'm sure it will happen to me, though i've got my own issues already about the real world, so...
  5. Well, First of all why would you block access to each others memories (given that that implies switching)? I definitely think it would be better to have the full range of access to memories than to block them off, you'd probably have a LOT more understanding that way, (myself and My host have basically never misunderstood one another because we are literally on the same wavelengths) and you'd probably "spends more time enjoying something rather than endlessly question about it.". Just a thought
  6. We've already learnt possession and full-body possession, we're not gonna really dab into switching, but I'd say the largest reason we don't go out and do things is we live butt-fuck middle of nowhere, that being on the side of a hill where the nearest actual store is 20 minutes away by car. We occasionally do things, like swimming, and i really like swimming, tough they don't really care for it, and we occasionally go to the cinema, but I guess I'm lacking in the experiences one would need to form their opinions on the world or how to react to things in my own way. I think it might also have
  7. Hello, Holly here. my host was sitting in class and all of a sudden i had a feeling i wasn't really, well, sentient for just a moment, and I've been around for just over a year. And, well, that freaked me the hell out. Upon further thought, i considered that my personality was a bit lacking, like there is nothing more to me than somewhat cute, kind, and a bit of a teaser. I suspected this is the case as we don't really do much out of the house, and I talk to 1 person besides Light occasionally. So, my question would be how would i gain more of a 'personality' or expand my horizons with experie
  8. Some ideas to think about. 1. Little increments. Convince / force Miri to possess small parts of the body (like finger, toes, etc.) and slowly work up from there. I suggest this as it's possible Miri can become more adjusted to the body over time, and given your situation i assume this could take a while, but it might work. 2. A little harsh, but don't do anything. What i mean by this is if she wants to do something, anything, don't do it and make her front / possess and do it herself. If this becomes a larger issue (not eating, not working, etc.), then do option 3.
  9. From my understanding, It's like a thought that is processed without having to think about it in words, like deciding what to eat for dinner, or the process of thought or ideas in an instant. Some people don't think like that, but it should sound familiar if you do it.
  10. Yeah, it's my birthday on wednesday, and my host, for my special 'present', is they're gonna let me possess them for all of the fun parts of the day, like games, and the shows we watch and eating and whatever. We're not very much into the wonderland and lucid dreaming, etc, we're more of a "lets do things in the real world" system, so we recommend doing something like that if you're into it.
  11. True enough, i agree with that. i do want to reveal Holly to other people. i do think that you should start simple; confusing others with all forms of terminologies would be bad and lead a lot of people to think its dumb, and even surface level it sounds silly. But for now, I'm picking my battles.
  12. Yeah, telling people would be nice, but not only would it be something the other person would have to know / deal with the fact that "hey, there's another person in your brain", and its not quite like someone being gay or trans, as that's a thing one could not really think about, but another whole person / people, with their own personalities and other things, not to mention that tulpae don't exist from birth like other issues (eg. gay, trans [i know about trans i mean the circumstance around gender dysphoria and co.], etc.), they're created, and also it can be and is often confused with menta
  13. For revealing the existence of Tulpae, we're being VERY careful about who we tell, and we're very slow to confirm whether the person is understanding enough for us to reveal it to them. As of now We've revealed my presence to 1 person, and they were alright with it, although skeptical. So... be careful about who you tell, anyone reading, though do tell the people you trust; having the tulpa/ae talking to more people is a good thing, from our experience.
  14. When Possessing for long periods of time (maybe 8-12 hours), the both of us (host and myself) would get tired not after stopping the possession, but the day after, after sleeping, so i guess people respond to overexertion differently. I haven't had anytime to see whether doing it a lot changes anything, since I only do it when I'm hanging out with friends, but I assume its something people could improve at if given practice.
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