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  1. Right! Thats the logic we've been going with too. Hopefully it wont be too much of a challenge when me and C get this down.
  2. 9 - 14 - 20 Back to the basics We've been practicing stuff like possession again. It's working a lot better than it was last time. Me and C were trying it a long time ago back when we were smaller, but we stopped pretty quickly and learned how to switch instead. I'm half doing this out of curiosity and out of a way to sorta help myself. I figured that if I was having a breakdown or about to do something, er, really dumb then they can stop my body by themselves before I do any damage. Just a last resort if they can't talk me out of something. A year ago C used to 'lock up' my body and make me freeze so I couldn't do anything, then he'd let me go after a while. I think it only works when there's enough adrenaline, which will probably be helpful in the future. So yeah, me and C have been working on it. We've been doing more meditation and exercises to help me let go of my body more, and its been helping. We take bits and pieces of things we learned and try and make our own take on it. In our system, our members have their own roles. They weren't forced into it or anything, and they're free to leave the role if they want to. They all are fine with their roles and it has been very beneficial to our system. A select few of our members are protectors. Our protectors are the best suited for dealing with emotional issues or any other problems, so I might teach them all possession just in case they need to use it to protect me. C has been getting good at it. We went from barely being able to move a finger to being able to move the arm up. Its not smooth yet. Full-body possession is a lot easier than just isolating a certain body part. It feels much like switching so maybe that's why. I'll keep updating if anything happens. Sorry if this entry seemed scattered or something.
  3. 9 - 12 - 20 1 year later... Its been well over a year since we've posted here. Its been a nice break from tulpamancy spaces but we're back now, and with a lot of changes to our system. For one, we've grown from just three members to eight within a year. We gained the rest of our members during a stressful time in my life. They all generally came at the same time, and thankfully we haven't grown significantly anymore. The change was hard to get used to at first, but I'd say we're doing pretty well now that we're used to each other. After this happened, we began to realize our origins may not be endogenic. Origin is a difficult thing though, so we've been saying that we're just a system and not a specific kind of system. We've spent some time in other places of the plural community, slowly separating ourselves from tulpamancy. In the end it didn't really help us, as other places are only filled with discourse and fakeclaiming. Though we aren't exactly a tulpa system anymore, we still feel comfortable in places like these forums. It seems our experiences will be most accepted here than anywhere else. Anyways... Its been a rocky road that lead us here but I'm glad we can say that we're still here. I'll continue to post logs soon.
  4. I've decided I'm gonna be returning back to these forums. I might not be active really, but I'm gonna be browsing more often. I've had my system around for over a year and a half now. we're not exactly a tulpa system (long story of self discovery and all that jazz), but I'm still curious about the subject a lot.
  5. Oh, that sounds interesting. I didn't even know those types of things was possible really. I suppose we can just play around with the idea for now, thank you for the reply :)
  6. 8 - 25 - 19 Lately C has been practicing a lot with changing my emotions, again. I know a few months ago I had mentioned that he was able to 'change my emotions' to some extent, and we've decided to explore this topic a bit more. He did it a few times today, and each time the change felt more noticable. He's able to make me feel either less or more emotional. The thing is, I'm not sure if it is actually him doing it. Maybe me passively focusing on him sort of ends up manipulating my emotions, I'm not sure. Though I feel certain that in some way he's doing it. I would like to know if anyone else's tulpas can do this? In other news my communication with everyone is getting easier again, and I'm hoping to sometime have a proper forcing schedule that I can stick to.
  7. Sure, I think they'd like to have some friends. Just pm me
  8. I see. I'll try and develop them for now I suppose.
  9. Well.. When I asked C, he turned into a T-rex and said "hi." while stomping up to me (and he also practically tackle hugged me just now, i appreciate the bonus). And Terra just thought of something for a few seconds before hugging me from behind gently. Didn't know what I expected but it was nice ^^
  10. 7 - 21 - 19; New Tulpa? Another post, how fun. Our system has been doing well, though I admit I've been neglecting to have active forcing sessions nowadays. They don't seem to mind too much, nonetheless. I don't know how they survive so many days of boredom. Anyways, it's been 4 months now, and though it isn't long is still feels like awhile. C's form has changed a bit, and he's taken a form of a fictional character from a game. He hasn't been using his old form as much anymore, so I think he's probably finally settled in his new one? Terra has remained the same mostly. I'm glad to say that she's been talking a lot more, and I've made more time to speak to her during the day. Recently, I've seemed to have some random tulpas come and go? I at least think they're tulpas, but I don't know. I take it as my mind being too active and trying to turn everything and anything I see into something. They're sort of intrusive thoughts in a way; I always subconsciously end up making another type of voice and talking to them for a bit. It's probably because I've been thinking about making another tulpa for a while now, which I know might be a bad decision? They're not formed so they always end up fading away eventually. C opposes any of these new 'tulpas' that I make, he's just overall very territorial of our system when it comes to things like this. I can see where he's coming from honestly, he just wants to get rid of these things, since he knows it might be a bad idea too. I wouldn't say that I'm ready for another, but I feel sorta bad that they just keep appearing then disappearing. It's sorta hard to brush off any of these urges to make another. C promised he won't bother the tulpa if I actually decide to make another one, so I don't think I'd have to worry much about that. That's all for now, thanks for reading this trashy journey.
  11. Ah, both of my tulpas say about the same, usually just "I'm not going anywhere" or something of that sort.. It sort of comforts me I suppose.
  12. I do try and keep her in mind, usually when I talk to C I end up remembering Terra too. I sometimes did ask her why she doesn't say much, but her response always remains the same brushing it off in some sort of way. C hasn't been saying too much either lately, and I'm thinking that maybe I'm becoming to stressed to fully focus on them (though I still talk to them when I can). I'm trying my best, I think they're both alright though ^-^