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  2. 1 / 22 / 20 | getting better. It's been a nice few days with my system. Things have been getting more better involving communication and all that. I've been happy that I'm able to spend time with them again. I've started waking up and almost instantly saying good morning to them all. I'm glad things are getting normal again. I feel very calm and satisfied, it's a nice feeling. I talked to Snowystorm a bit yesterday! I don't think any of you have heard of her. She's a cat, and this is the closest that we can get to her appearance. She also has a human form, but it's not very developed just yet. Anyways, I was talking to her about what we were going to do tomorrow, since I was planning on playing some games with C again. Snowystorm really likes MMO games, so I may let her play something today! She enjoyed watching me play the other day. I think it'd be nice to let her do something outside of the mindscape, and let her to find some more hobbies, interests, and stuff like that! I find it nice how much she likes MMO games. I don't enjoy them myself too much, but I'm glad that she has an interest like that. I should really talk to her more. It's nice to just pace around the house and talk to her. I really should try and speak to her more! I can't really think that good right now, honestly, so I'm gonna end this here... I hope I can talk about more in my next post though, there's been stuff I've been considering for a bit. Hope you enjoyed reading, goodbye.
  3. 1 / 20 / 20 | old habits. Me and C started watching one of my favorite shows again – South Park! That show played a big part in my year, and eventually led up to me meeting C. Both of his forms happen to be from the show, too. He has never seen the show for himself, so I'm excited to be watching it with him 🙂 It's still sorta hard to hear him vocally, sadly, but I'm still enjoying spending time with him. I focus way too much on random things during the day, so we only really get to spend time together in the middle of the night. He usually sleeps around this time – do your guy's tups sleep at all? Anyway, we've started from season 1, and I'm hoping to continue watching it with him when we have the chance. I don't know if anyone else in the system would enjoy the show at all. I doubt they would. I've seen and remember almost all of the episodes, so it's gonna be fun rewatching them with him! He was afraid that me watching the show would bring back some bad memories, but he stopped worrying about it much after we got a few episodes in. I find it nice that he cares so much, even if it does get a bit overwhelming sometimes. Well, back to binge watching we go. Goodbye y'all 🌃
  4. Yes! I agree entirely! I'm glad I came back to this form. Journaling with my system has become much much more easier for me, and I actually consider it a fun part of my day now. I appreciate the reply, thanks 🙂
  5. It's been a while since I came onto this forum, or made an entry in our progress log. I decided that I should just make a new thread entirely. I've been getting back into the habit of journaling our system's journey over the past few days, and I've come to realize that it's not as effective writing things privately. There's been a lot of inter-system confusion during the time I left the forums, and it has seemed to have changed us a lot. I won't get into it much, it's a very lengthy and overall embarrassing situation in my opinion, but the good thing is that we're back. Our system consists of: C, Terra, Memory, and a few others. It's been a hard few months with a lot of inter-system tension, problems, and misunderstandings, but I'm happy to say that we're starting to feel close to one another again! ^^ We aren't going to be talking about "progress", mostly just day to day stuff that's happening in our system, since I like telling people about us all 🙂 (I may edit this with intro with more info on myself/our system someday, just not now) Edit 1/18/20: old progress report here just for archiving purposes. 1 / 16 / 20 | start again. I wish we didn't have to start off on such a bumming note, but I've been feeling a major disconnect from everyone, and I'm very very certain that it's my meds causing it. I'm trying my best at communication with my system, but it's getting more and more difficult to hear them. I have to really strain myself to talk to them at this point. It feels so restricting, and discouraging as a host. There's not really much I can do about it for now. C is as annoyed about it as I am. He's just been following me around silently for the night, now imposing himself on my bed. We've sorta given up trying to talk for now, since it's absolutely exhausted me trying to. It feels very unnatural with him staying so quiet for this long. I feel comforted with him trying to stay with me, though; it's nice knowing that he's here with me, I feel less bummed out and lonely knowing he's trying to make me feel better. He can only answer me with very short and simple responses. After I got past that initial sadness and loneliness part, it's just pretty... Calming I guess? It sort of reminds me of when we first started! I just wonder how chatty he'll be once we finally get a hold of our communication again haha. It's been tough on us as of late, but I wanna try and see the light in situations, since stressing myself out further isn't going to get me anywhere. It turns out writing here really does make journaling easier 😮 Hope I can write here again soon enough!
  6. Sure, I think they'd like to have some friends. Just pm me
  7. Well.. When I asked C, he turned into a T-rex and said "hi." while stomping up to me (and he also practically tackle hugged me just now, i appreciate the bonus). And Terra just thought of something for a few seconds before hugging me from behind gently. Didn't know what I expected but it was nice ^^