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  1. Oh yeah this thingy exists. (I'm going to get bombarded by memes aren't I?)
  2. Wish granted, but you have to pay a monthly fee of $999.99 to sustain your computer's battery life. I wish I was good at changing my voice.
  3. I grab the wet tea bag, and then give to someone who wanted it. (I guess) I throw a paper airplane at the next poster...
  4. 5) Everyone must dance! Kidding! That wouldn't make sense... 5) Everyone must add a shruggie at the end of their post. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  5. [A Fatal Exception Has Occurred] [Could not define "wisg"] [Repairing System...] [Done!] Your wisg has been granted! But due to the lack of Starburst rain, now the entire world is in a state of universal drought, now no one is able to grow crops due to the absence of rain clouds. It won't rain Starburst nor water. I wish for a chance to go to Nintendo of America Headquarters
  6. I'm stuck in the "MyBB Ugly" theme and can't switch back to "Dark", I went to User CP, looked at the bottom, and I can't find a solution.
  7. I came across a Mario Flash game that I found to be "fun". It's pretty simple, has 3 Worlds and some challenge to it. It's called "Old Mario Bros" Link is here: http://www.freegameaccess.com/play-old-mario-bros.htm Feel free to post any other Mario Flash games you find to be interesting! Enjoy!
  8. Oh, that makes sense, thanks for letting me know!