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    I am a fifty + year old role player and cosplayer, who dresses like a wizard at medieval fantasy fairs. I am a husband, a father, a grandfather, a veteran of the U.S. Navy, and a professional educator. I believe in imaginary thoughtforms and have a median system aspect named Melian Marionette. She is here on Tulpa.info as DreamDoll. I have a detailed bio on my profile on Deviantart https://www.deviantart.com/mistgod
  1. Just watched that biography film about Motley Crue called The Dirt. It rocked. LOL Naturally.
  2. That's exactly why Dragon Turtle soup is so damned expensive.
  3. It's time for the continuation of the Mistgod-Melian Timeline The timeline began here on this post https://community.tulpa.info/thread-living-imagination-a-median-aspect-in-tulpa-land?pid=168203#pid168203 FALL 2016 Mistgod and Melian rage quit the Tulpa.info forum and request a absolutely permanent self ban from the admin, who are happy to comply. It is enforced for over two years. FALL 2016 to SPRING 2019 The permanent self ban from Tulpa.info of Mistgod-Melian is stringently enforced, despite at least one attempt by Melian to have it lifted. At one point Melian tells the admin via email that they can bite her butt or something like that, because they refuse to lift the permanent self ban. She may have later apologized, but memory from that period has faded. Mistgod-Melian request that the Mistgod-Melian related accounts be deactivated and labeled "Anonymous." (January 2017) Melian goes on vicious anti-tulpa rants on Deviantart, but then eventually forgives tulpas, for being tulpas. Things mellow out for a very long time and Mistgod and Melian don't actively have anything to do with tulpas for months at a time. Misgod-Melian occasionally troll the plurality and tulpa related forums and chat rooms, eventually being permanently banned from just about every one of them. Melian creates a Discord account and alternatively joins and rage quits various tulpa related servers. Melian is banned from the Discord channel used by Tulpa.Info. Peace ensues for some months. Mistgod and Melian ignore the existence of tulpamancy for a while. Eventually there is turn over of admin and moderators on Tulpa.Info. MARCH 2019 Melian notices that there are new admin on Tulpa.info. She creates a new account called DreamDoll and returns to the forum in triumph (lurking first for a day or two until people get suspicious of her identity). The admin debate banning her outright, but ultimately decide to give her and Mistogd a chance. Some users express trepidation and uncertainty about a return of Mistgod-Melian. Others happily welcome them back. The newer users seem to have all heard of Mistgod-Melian's infamous reputation, but are curious and welcoming. Melian starts drama over a thread concerning a person worried about making accidental tulpas out of literary characters. She rage quits, vows never to return, and is back twenty minutes later. Melian writes a post in which she explains Mistgod-Melian misbehavior and obsession with tulpas (obsessive/compulsive personality, addiction, partly fear of loss, jealousy and resentment). She psychoanalyzes Mistgod in public. Mistgod creates an account. Mistgod starts drama by writing that he sees no ethical reason why he couldn't create a harem of "tulpa slave wives." He is repeatedly warned by admin and senior members and eventually apologizes in a thread to admin and an open letter to users. Mistgod attempts to develop strategies to mitigate tendencies to create drama and uncivil behavior. He and Melian stick with it pretty well. Mistgod and Melian (once again) agree to limit the use of triggering words that make tulpamancers uncomfortable (such as "imaginary" and "figment"). APRIL 2019 Mistgod declares that, although fascinated and captivated by tulpas and tulpamancy, he will never fully understand it or believe it.
  4. Thanks Lucilyn. Please no one be insulted or hurt by what I am going to write next. I don't mean it to be insulting. It's just honest. Perhaps I like tulpamancers and tulpas for misguided reasons, not the reasons that they should be gaining my attention and dedication for. Although I am absolutely fascinated by tulpamancers, I don't think I will ever really fully understand them. It's been years now and I still don't get it. I experience something close to what you are talking about, but I cannot get my head around why people want to take it farther than an "advanced day dream on auto pilot and extremely immersive role paying/channeling an imaginary persona." You guys tell me why, but my mind and instincts have trouble taking you at face value. It's too wacky and too close to multiple personality disorder or dissociative identity disorder. The switching and possession especially is really out there. To me it's up there with astral projection, ESP, remote viewing of civilizations on other planets, alien abduction, spirit channeling, Atlantis, and Bigfoot. I love all of the pseudo-sciences, but don't fully believe in any of them. That tells you something about me. I will try my hardest to politely accept that you believe it, even if I don't fully believe in it. But I will never really get it. I won't be making any more threads asking why you all do it. I won't be able to process the answers. I do appreciate everyone who wrote on this thread to answer me in sincerity. I am absolutely captivated by the community and what you guys write to one another and to Melian and I. I will try as best I can, within my own limits, to be respectful.
  5. Thank you for the responses so far! I am glad I made this thread. The experiences, goals and needs people, both tulpas and tulpamancers, have are so vastly different from one another it is fascinating. Tulpa.info folks could write their own book about it! Vesper's response about the body was particularly interesting to me. Melian doesn't like my body and wants nothing to do with it. That might be a huge factor. It couldn't be a worse fit unless I were an obese sumo wrestler or something. (Melian just piped up in my head that being a sumo wrestler would be better. I think she is only partially kidding. "At least I would get to squish peoples and make money for it.")
  6. Exactly! Melian has a beautiful form in the wonderland that she enjoys and she can do anything. She does experience the outside world through me and shares that. But she has no need to be in charge or in command of my body and what goes on in real life. She is content with making comments in my mind, or suggestions, or nags. Other than that, her only connection with outside world is the internet, which she is totally happy with. Thank you very much! We are glad to be back.
  7. Melian and I will never do switching and possession https://community.tulpa.info/thread-possession-why-do-some-tulpas-want-to-deal-with-real-life-issues (Full disclosure: I think there were brief moments of possession in the past, but it was more like an "effect" of my fantasy prone mind and long periods of a very active or emotional Melian being "close to the surface." It's not something I would care to have happen on a regular basis.)
  8. Melian lives. She lives just fine without switching and possession. Melian has no interest in my body whatsoever. Also, she considers her life within the dreamscape fulfilling and content. Why leave a wonderland, where anything can happen and exchange it for real life? I guess that just isn't enough for some though? What happens to the tulpas cutesy or ridiculous form when they want to live life in the real world? If I had such tulpas, do they just discard their form for my gray, old ugly body? They want to deal with hemorrhoids, a receding hair line, stiff and creaky joints, gas and farts? I don't know how to make the thread less vague.
  9. Sometimes, when I read something on this website, I am left sitting in stunned silence for a while and wondering. I can understand the appeal of having a tulpa around that is an interesting character, like a pony, or a dragon, or some other adorable and entertaining companion. I can understand having a tulpa that is captivating or engaging in some way, something unusual that makes life more interesting for you. I can understand visualizing them, listening to them, and even imposing them so that you can communicate with them and hear them and see them. I can understand the appeal of wonderlands and wonderland adventures. I understand wanting interesting, humorous and entertaining companionship. My own thoughtform is pretty content to live life primarily within her dreamscape (wonderland) and is only peripherally interested in what is going on in the real world. Here is what I don't understand about some tulpas: long periods of switching and possession in which the tulpa has responsibilities and worries in the real world. Like the pony tulpa suddenly has to worry about daily chores, and a pay check and dealing with real world issues. Why? Why do tulpamancers want more than one personality in their body, each dealing with all the CRAP life throws at them? I just don't see the appeal there. To be honest, serious and sober "adult" tulpas seem boring and unappealing to me. I wouldn't want some other jerk with issues running my body and having to get things done. I am very curious to see the responses to this thread. I will probably be a million miles away in world view from those tulpamancers who deliberately create tulpas with that ultimate kind of goal in mind. I am just wondering what are the reasons going that far with it?
  10. Indeed. I do think it is going to be a beautiful day my neighbor. :D Melian and I, among other things, are trying to do less time on the internet. It's a real challenge! But we are hoping that today, we spend less time on the internet than we did yesterday. Wish us luck!
  11. Thank you very much! I appreciate this! Also I was not aware that there is a growing consensus among scientists that our identities are imaginary. That kinda goes along with the whole popular "imaginary universe" doesn't it? It's kinda groovy and trippy hippy, as Melian would say. However, in the interests of maintaining an effective and safe environment for tulpa creation, Melian and I have agreed to do the following:
  12. Keep recording dreams and working on lucid dreaming. The hypngogic dreams states will increase in frequency.
  13. That's awesome! I knows the feels my friend! It is amazing isn't it? I thought I was the only person who wrote about hypnogogic conversations with my thoughtform. I also get flash visions too! This is awesome! I have written about that stuff for years and here is someone who can relate! You, my friend, and your system, ROCKS! Do you think people would be more comfortable with me if I ditched the frequent use of the loaded word "imaginary" and replaced it with "pseudo-real" and "apparent independent agency?" People probably won't react to the latter terms as they won't know what I exactly mean and they look a little less confrontational. I seem to recall trying that before, but ultimately failing to stick with it.