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    Find waldo, I'm the creepy looking guy to his left.
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    I came a long way to get here. I don't visit 4chan often (IE less than twice a month). I have ADHD but its almost unrecognizable at this point (I've gotten over it). I may not type much on this forum, but I do read a decent amount. You probably don't know me, as I intended. I'd say I'm a pretty friendly guy though. I'm A+ certified, and Operating System Fundamentals certified.
  1. Neither, I live in the US, and Centurylink is my internet provider. I'm not banned anymore, thanks guys.
  2. I see. Still kind of weird how common that seems to happen. Thanks for the tip (as always) Oh also how would I go about messaging Quora? Would I do that as a PM in the forums? or is there an IRC command someone can tell me? (or something else?)
  3. Well I'll talk to Quora. I'm on a different computer than the first time I joined the IRC (as in I got a new one) but I only was in it for less than 10 seconds, and I said nothing. If thats the entire reason I'm banned, then in my opinion I think there needs to be some changes with the way the IRC chat is moderated, just sayin. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.
  4. I don't know how... but I'm banned from the IRC chat, I haven't ever joined before. (well I joined once, for about .5 seconds and then left, but thats it) Can I get some feedback? Did I connect differently than I was supposed to? I'm kind of confused.
  5. Speaking of which, I'm surprised Luna (glitchthe3rd's) isn't based after the Equine Princess which I thought she was.
  6. I meant to put humanoid, rather than human but it doesn't look like I can change poll questions now :p
  7. I was researching Tibetan Buddhism for a world issues assignment in school. I later found people joking about how annoying the tulpa threads on /mlp/ where. I visited the link they posted, which was a thread on /mlp/ and then found this site in a link the OP posted.
  8. Edit: Pretend the poll says "Humanoid" instead of "Human" Last similar thread was made 5 months ago, so I thought it would be appropriate to ask, what does your tulpa look like? Mine looks a lot like a phoenix.
  9. Well I can say you guys helped me with my problem. I found the best way to stop this kind of repetitive movement is to remember that its not actually happening. By keeping another version of the same scenario where the repetitive movement is not happening. I can then focus on that instead of the one where the movement keeps happening, so that I don't have to throw away the entire scene and start over again.
  10. Yep! You've all helped a lot too. So thank you. I would write something about my progress lately, but I've been extremely busy with school. Thanksgiving break is soon though, so then I'll have much more time to participate, force, etc.
  11. Its a good theory, and I'd second you on it. I want to say thanks to everyone who's responded so far, its been very helpful!
  12. Thanks for the advice, I've actually been noticing what I eat effects how I act lately. Yes, this exactly sums up my problem, and unfortunately for me, it happens quite often.
  13. lol couldn't I just take a pill instead of snorting one? I'm at a point where no one notices whether I've taken one or not, but they do seem to help me... Theres an afternoon pill I rarely take, I'll try taking it more often. Thanks, I plan on posting a lot more when I actually have a Tulpa. Now that I think about it, I am more than I probably should. I'm imagining myself looking at a dot, on a card, in a room. I might be being too near sighted to realize that I am in fact imagining more than just the dot, I'll keep this in mind when visualizing. I try the best I can, and I prob
  14. Hi So first off, I have had ADHD my whole life, something I feel I have overcome mostly. I've browsed the site thoroughly and started Tulpaforcing on Thursday, and found that I wasn't very good at staying focused. So am now working more on the card concentration exercise. The more notice it, it doesn't seem so much that I'm having an especially hard time keeping the dot in my mind, visualizing it... Its that I can't keep the dot still in my mind, or the card for that matter. Random objects that I'm trying to not focus on will obstruct my view, and often any or many objects will make re
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