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  1. Things like hunger, sickness and mental illness are things that are attached to the body not individual people within it. It is possible for a certain headmate to deal with those things better or worse which makes it seem like they are affected more or less but everyone will deal with it because everyone is attached to the body. If you are sick, they are sick and vise versa because no particular person is sick, the body itself is sick
  2. I don't who told you that tulpas don't have access to your memories, they absolutely do, automatically, always. However tulpas should not have an identity crisis over it because it is not them. It also will not affect how they develop or react to things because even though they can remember your view point they will have their own views for it. Also it is completely normal for a tulpa to start out with the same values and views as you, even acting alike from you, but over time they will deviate and be more and more of their own person. Being alike from your host is not inherently a bad thing. You can share the same interests or same opinions and still be distinctly different people.
  3. *is summoned by the mention of skeletons*
  4. The first thing Inkstone said was 'hi' on the first day. The first clear sentence he said that didn't weirdly break off or end it tulpish was 'I like cheese'.
  5. Here is a quick little headshot of Indigo I did on MS Paint when I was bored in class today.
  6. RustHeart

  7. (Angel) But you offer them some of your non coke cake and they leave you alone.
  8. We are going to start this over with a new prompt! Because honestly its getting really confusing now ahah. (Angel) You are baking a cake.
  9. But I want to you roll around on the floor eating lint.
  10. (devil) Everyone doesn't have cancer but instead they all get AIDS from the frog disease.... somehow.
  11. The chicken lays an egg as it hits me. I throw an egg at the next poster
  12. (Devil) Everyone gets ill because they kissed the frogs thinking they would become princes but they didn't.