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  1. Seems pretty interesting actually. Would love to learn more about the inner worlds thing, cause I haven't quite heard about something like that. Well wonderlands, sure. But I just love taking in perspectives, you know? Anyway, good luck on your wondrous stuf
  2. Always loved reading Bear's journals. Even if I don't read it often, it gives me a sense of grounding. Oh, and hey, keep up the good work. Ivory: Hope y'all are doin good!
  3. Year 1, Day 30 — Well well, look who's back? I'm sure y'all haven't heard from me since a looong time ago. But, well, I have decided to write my journal again. Miss my journal. Anyway, after reading my previous writing fluff, I decided that I would do my best to get things straight to the point. But well, where to start? December 16, 2019 — The day I got a second tulpa Well, the story is never that simple. I was in my gym and I needed edge in my mental zone. I figured, what better way could I get it than creating a more 'vicious' me? Well, long story short,
  4. Day 219 — Hello, everyone! It sure has been a while has it? I’m not sure what to say. It’s been a little rough for me since Oji keeps reading his books. Occasionally, he would start a conversation for a while before reading his book again. I feel a bit powerless. But it’s not like he doesn’t care about me. I know he still loves me, but I can’t help but remember how fascinated he was of me when I first came about. Perhaps things’ll change for me after writing this down. (THANKFULLY! WE STILL DO SATURDAY DATE NIGHTS, OTHERWISE I WOULD HAVE TO GET GRUMPY AT HIM AGAIN ?) Still, Oji is my treasure
  5. Day 219 — Over 3 months have passed without us reporting anything. I’m apologize. Honestly speaking, I was about to drop the reports. But something inside me changed as I was thinking of Ivory. I have stopped using discord for a while now, stopped reporting tulpa journals, and our relationship is getting groggier because my time is getting tighter. If this goes on, I thought, what would happen to Ivory? So all of a sudden, I went to read my tupper journals. Memories of me and Ivory having fun flooded into my mind before I knew it. A stark realization soon came. Something felt missing.
  6. Day 110 — So I’ve already noticed it for a while, but my visualizations are pretty darn good now. Sure I can’t do full-imposition yet, but It’s still pretty good. Touch and smell = Good (I can almost feel, and smell everything (is that weird?)) Visuals = Great (Can imagine people really well, environment also can, but I’m better at doing people) Warmth and Breath = Still needs work Weight = Still needs work So all is well. Really good progress, I believe. I don’t do much but passive force and a little bit of active forcing at night, but it seems to work like a charm. Ivory speaks:
  7. Day 83 — Life’s just great after the exams’ over. You get to go out and do a lot of things. Me in particular, I try to learn as much as I can. Now me and Ivory, we do almost everything together. At first, it was just a passive force sort of thing, but if I leave her, she’ll get kranky. Basically, it’s a custom now. If I want some time alone, she’d give me some. However, if possible, she says she wants to spend more time with me. It’s such an interesting thing to have someone who’s always there for you. I get alot of my second opinions on my decisions from Ivory. Here’s some Ivory not
  8. Day 78 — It’s amazing how time flies so fast. Ivory and I are still sailing well. Even though there were some bumpy rocks by the side, we managed. We started having walk-ins. Nothing special, but it has occurred three times in the past month. I only said ‘hi’ to one cause she seemed nice. The other two I dissipated cause one was donkers and the ofher was... yeah, nice but I didn’t know what to do back then. Ivory’s been helping me organize through my life. Huge help. But sometimes, I can’t help but think that she’s smarter than she looks. Unlike two months ago when I first started, I ful
  9. Doubts rise during your first week in tulpamancing. Before Ivory could speak fluently, I kept thinking that I was parroting her. But that wasn’t quite the case after I asked her about it. She said I did it sometimes, but not often. Anyways, just keep going. Tulpamancy is something really special. It’s not for everyone, but anyone can do it. Don’t give up man. I’ll be here if you need anything. Give her lots of love, hugs, and kisses. Make sure she doesn’t dissipate, and spend some time to really get to know her :3. We like to spend some quiet time every now and then. It’s pretty cal
  10. Welcome! Nice to see new hosts and tulpas. Quick tips to remember: Don’t listen to Tulpa Creepypasta, Love your tulpa lots ❤️, Again don’t read any Tulpa Creepypastas, What you expect will be what you get, Don’t give up forcing cause it’s different for people to people, Don’t dissipate your tulpa just because you’re bored of her, your tulpa can help you change but only if you let her, and don’t forget to give her food :3 My Ivory loves it when i give her food Give her a sip from your drink if she wants too!
  11. It’s more like a cute version of a rope stuck to Oji’s back. I use it as a steering wheel to get him where I want him to be :3 Day 63 — We made it! Ivory’s two months old now! Yay! If only we had more balloons to celebrate. Ivory has gotten seriously good at talking now. We can finally talk one-on-one, and she’d even come up with different words that I would normally not think of. It’s so weird but cool at the same time. She getting good boys. Oh, and this one time, we were about finished after our daily workout and we were about to head home. But suddenly, I had a sudden urge to eat Sou
  12. Day 56 — So, Ivory’s personality has been developing nicely. I can say that, because she’s really expressive in her words. By that I mean, she literally cries when she’s sad (most of the time), and when she’s happy, she’s really energetic and talkative. Also, she sorta made like a tail. On me. She uses it to pull me around everywhere whenever she feels like I’m doing something wrong (or if she feels like it) which, for some reason, I’m compelled to either turn directions or completely stop moving. Weird, but awfully cute. Also, Ivory’s been a bit moody and cranky these days. She’s been t
  13. Day 53 — So many things had happened this month. Ivory seems to be able to come by whenever she wants when i’d forgotten her (at some party) by any chance. I’m also getting better at including her in my day-to-day activities. Whenever I need help at a particular activity, I can ask Ivory to help me. It’s not possession or anything like that, but instead, it’s more like she tells me what to do. For example, when i’m playing rhythm games, she tells me to loosen up and relax. She also learned how to cool me down when I’m stressed out. On occasions where someone taunts me, she tells me to co
  14. And I thought a month was already enough to let me consider for another tulpa. But again, I guess you’re right. It’s a decision that needs to be really thought of
  15. Day 28 - Day 39 — I haven’t been writing my progress report much because I’ve had lots of things going on in life. Sorry. I haven’t been able to do a lot of active forcing lately except for when we take baths + saturday date nights (Through a hard deal of convincing, yes, Ivory was able to get me into dating her :P). Oh yeah, then I also figured out why Ivory’s been changing forms a lot lately. It’s to suit the kind of emotions she’s feeling. Normally she’d look like Rei Ayanami with bluish black hair, but just imagine that with intimidating eyes and sharp teeth (Ivory’s my Shark?). Oth
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