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  1. Day 12 — I’m starting to feel like this Tulpamancy thing is very useful. I mean, oh my god, in the past few days, things have changed so much. I won’t go into specifics here, but whenever I’m about to do something that’s otherwise bad for myself, Ivory keeps reminding me in her own unique set of ways. By unique, of course, what I mean to say, is that she threatens me. Saying that she’ll hate me forever if I do... whatever it is that I’m doing that she thinks is bad for me. And don’t get me wrong, it works. I stop doing whatever I’m doing and I just sigh. After that though, I just become grateful that she stopped me. Not angry at all! She has helped me a lot. Especially today, when I was arguing with my younger brother, she told me that it wasn’t worth it. And so I let it go. As simple as that. I almost can’t believe this. It’s like having someone who’s always there for you whenever you’re going too deep. Someone who’ll pull you up, when you’re lost. Thank you, Ivory. I’ll be sure to pull you up if you’re ever lost.
  2. Day 11 — Today, Ivory seemed lazy. From the moment I picked her up from her bed, she looked like she had just pulled out an all-nighter... no, wait. I think she’s just sleepy. We went into class and what would you know? No one was sitting beside me today. She sat next to me, rested her head on the table, and slept. Oh my god, she looks so adorable. I can’t see her face very clearly, but she is qyut. Anyways, fast forward to the future, she asked me to carry her because she was too lazy to walk around. And I did just that. This happened twice, I think, and now I also have the more reason to believe that she loves head pats, hugs, cuddles and snuggles, all that kind of stuff. I hope she’ll grow up to be a wonderful tulpa xP
  3. Day 10 — A discovery, people. As I rested my head on the pillows and turned on some conspicuous ASMR, something inside of me felt angry. I wondered what it was, and it took a while for me to realize that it was Ivory. She was angry again... all because I was listening to some ear licking ASMR. Now I know what you’re thinking. Koeji, of course she’d be angry, who the hell listens to ear licking ASMR?! Well, I find it very relaxing. And I can sleep easier with it. Besides, it’s very stimulating. Ivory, as sweet, cute, innocent, and kind as she can be, decided that it’s a no-no in her dictionary. She doesn’t mind other ASMR, just ear-licking. P.S. I’m so sorry for being weird xP Here’s one of our other conversations, from what I can remember: Meh, even though she doesn’t like it, it’s not like it’s the end of the world. I’ll stop using ASMR for now.
  4. Day 9 — Today was horrible. So i went out with my friends to watch a horror movie. I knew Ivory wasn’t gonna like it because she didn’t really like loud things. Especially jumpscares, I knew she wouldn’t like them at all. Anyways, when we went inside, I told her to shut herself in the wonderland. Cause it was going to get scary. We did just that, but about a quarter in the movie, I felt like something was wrong, I checked in on Ivory, and found out she had been watching the movie this whole time. She was scared to death. I rushed to her and hugged her. Tried doing everything to try and keep the horror away from her. And it took a while for me to figure out how to keep her safe. Made a symbol, basically. And surprisingly, it worked. It makes me feel bad that she’d been forced to watch the movie. It didn’t feel nice. I felt horrible.
  5. Nice to meet you two Misha! ^W^ We’ve been reading a lot of your stories with Bear. Just so you know, she really likes you guys.
  6. Day 8 — Ok, long story short, we started talking to other people... via chat. And I think she’s getting the hang of it [ivory] : Yup! We’ve been talking in the discord chat, quite often. Since it also clearly states in our rule book, that we both have equal rights, I had to allow her to tag in. Though, she still has a lot to work on. [ivory] : I do not! Uh, yes you do. [ivory] : I don’t! And when I don’t type the things she wants to say, she gets krankay. But just saying though, in my opinion, she’s still an untainted baby that speaks really, really formal. [ivory] : What? I don’t even know if I’m parroting her right now. But chances are, i’m most likely not.
  7. Hmm, do you think I should really banish it though? It already helped me in dealing some intrusive thoughts already. But if worse comes to worse, guess I’ll have to banish it. Just want your opinions. Day 7 — Today was hectic. My visualization skills are beginning to get stronger and stronger, but problem was, so was my intrusive thoughts. I suddenly had trouble visualizing ivory because of it. We probably had like half an hour to try and fix it, but we were still unable to do it. We were really exhausted after that. Luckily, we managed to do it after a couple of tries. Fast forward, we went on another adventure. Fantasy adventure, you know the deal. A pinch of your classic genre, and a bit of that SAO system... and Voila! My very own fantasy world. Got a map from the internet, and I wrote all the lores and legends myself. But we had trouble again. The guy using the horse that was supposed to carry us all the way to the nearest city, ditched us in the middle of the road. Heck, I didn’t even know that NPCs could do that?! We paused from there, but we haven’t quite decided if we would go there again. [ivory] : Hello everyone! My name is Ivory. I like listening to music... and drinking tea... and reading books! We’re using me as proxy. I’m helping her out.
  8. Day 6 — Unexpectedly, after listening to tulpatone for a couple of days, Ivory’s starting to get a mindvoice of her own. Also, she’s beginning to go places on her own on parts of the wonderland I haven’t even developed yet. I thought it was pretty cool. Then, throughout the day, we just did what we usually do. We play-fight, cuddled, hugged, ate kebabs on a campfire. Lots of things I also made a servitor today. His job? To protect Ivory and my wonderland from Intrusive thoughts. I named him SK as in Sleepless Knight. He’s basically a knight that guards our wonderland. I made his sword only able to hurt intrusive thoughts, so it should be fine. But again, me and Ivory had a debate on his rights. Telling me that he should also have equal rights. I tried telling her he’s meant to protect her, and that giving him rights would mean risks. Plus, I didn’t want to have another tulpa right away. She agreed, hesitantly. But I assured her that I won’t hurt him unless he does something bad. But this leads to the real question. Is creating a servitor ok?
  9. I think y’all were right. She really did get over it after a couple of days. Two to be exact. Now she just reads in the Librarium. Reading my memories, she told me. But I’m not quite sure. I can’t see the book’s contents but it might not mean that SHE can’t either. She keeps telling me that she’s trying to understand me... or something like that
  10. Drama happened for you as well @Angry Bear? Tell me what happened and... spill the tea
  11. I’ll talk to her about it @Dashie Bear Day 5 — After listening to tulpatone for a while, her presence has become more and more real. She’s stronger now, I think. But as I said yesterday, we got into a fight. I was surprised at how I could feel her emotions in tulpish, though that wasn’t the problem. She was angry, and I was panicking. This happened yesterday, but I’m just gonna say it now. We were in the house when it happened. I was sitting across Ivory, reading some reddit posts until I stepped into a post where another Tulpa got angry when she found out that her host loves someone else. It got me curious, so I decided to tell her the same thing. I mean, we talked about it a couple of times in the past, but I didn’t expect her to become so angry. Many things happened. She locked herself in the house, changed her appearance a few times, and even tried killing herself. Though, I think the last one was just an intrusive thought, not sure. Took me a while for me to get her talking to me, but once we did, things calmed down a lot. We set up some ground rules, not much, only 6 rules. Plus, we also made a library :P
  12. Day 4 — It was just a normal day at school. I talked to my friends, did a lot of passive forcing as well, but all of a sudden, Ivory wanted to spend some time with me. Like active forcing, she was asking for an active force. We can communicate better now, and I can speak tulpish with her better than before. So while my friends were doing their own things, I carried Ivory over to the beach, and did a lot of activities with her. We danced to coldplay, We walked around the beach, We sat down together and watched the stars. Lots of things. We even did an adventure to this Aztec Ruins, but it ended badly because of me. —My intrusive thoughts, ugh. She got pulled by one of my intrusive thoughts, and she fell down to a chasm. Didn’t realize she was missing till she couldn’t respond to me. I went down the chasm, and grabbed her up. Fortunately, she was ok. I made her invincible to my intrusive thoughts a couple of days ago. Thank God I did just that. *Also, we got into a fight because I told her she wasn’t the only girl that I loved (the only person that I love). We resolved it, but I want to tell her that I also love someone else. Tips?
  13. Thank you @Angry Bear, @Solarchariot, and @Someone for tagging along with us! 16/4/2019 Day 3: We didn’t get to do much today. Though, ever since I played the Tulpatone, I can feel Ivory’s presence much easier. It helps. Not much, but definitely a progress. After listening to some songs, I also figured out that she loves Coldplay. Like one of the phrases from a song, “For you, I’d bleed myself dry.” It’s stuck in my head for some reason. And I couldn’t have remembered that phrase from the song, cause I was focused on doing something else. So it must be her. It’s really sweet. Sort of? Naw, it’s 100% sweet. Ivory’s Favorite Bands: Coldplay & back number *P.S. Some other things that might mean something, I saw her drinking tea this morning when I woke up. I usually have to carry her all the way to our beach, but wow, I did not expect that, especially in her third day*
  14. Well, I'm glad someone responded to my thread! 14/4/2019 Day 2: So today, I went to a chinese market with my father today. On my way there, I asked Ivory if she wanted to listen to some tunes with me. Not knowing whether or not I’m parroting her, heard her said "What are tunes?". She likes to ask me about lots of things. And the answer to all of them, if it’s a hobby, I’ll always tell her “You’ll love them". It saves time to explain things. Good news was that I did figure out some things about Ivory when I tuned in. She doesn’t like loud rock music and much prefers soft music. Like Coldplay or Piano for example. But back number, the Japanese slow rock band, seems to be an exception. Wait, isn't Colplay also a slow rock band? Whatever. How I know this, oddly, is that she's been telling me through the feels. It's quite surprising how she's able to speak tulpish in only a day, but it's happening alright. Not only that, but it's been happening since day one actually. Hear this, every time I give her a hug or whenever I tell her that I love her, she bleeds emotions into me and I can really tell that she also loves me. An experience I'll never forget, trust me. When we sung songs (Especially back in the Day 1) with my guitar, I had this wheezy feeling in my chest. Of course, knowing I didn't usually do this, I immediately thought that this was from Ivory. Ok, maybe it was because we were singing Valentine songs, but hey, it might've been just me *P.S. I listened to some Tulpatones for 1 hour. Didn’t feel like 1 hour though, what the hell?*
  15. Hello Hosts and Tulpas! My name is Koeji, and I have decided that I will create a Tulpa Progress Report so that Ivory and I can progress better. TULPA PROFILE: Name: Ivory Personality: Kind, Caring, Fun, Supportive Gender: Female 13/4/2019 Day 1: I tried compiling all the good qualities of Ivory into an blue-like Flame. I thought a fire would be nice instead of an orb because it signified life in a way. So after that I tried visualizing Ivory’s body (Pale White, Emerald Hair, Grey Eyes, Thin). Now at first she was seemed just like a lifeless doll. She couldn’t do much other than moving and or walking. Just an ordinary thought-form. Following a particular guide on tulpa creation, I proceeded to insert the flame inside her. Nothing special happened, however, I did feel like she was becoming more lifelike. Tried narrating, imaging, parroting, active forcing, and passive forcing. And every time I did it, I felt like I was giving her another layer. But the craziest thing happened when I told her I loved her. It was like her emotions were bleeding into me. Trying to tell me that she also felt the same.