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  1. Tulpas work great as painkillers too. Yesterday we got our right hand mauled by a forklift and spent a few hours in the hospital. the medicine given to us didn't remove enough pain so Cherry tried to block it and succeeded. After further testing today it seems that tulpas blocking pain work equally well compared to strong painkillers, neither removes all of it but combining the two I can't feel any pain at all.
  2. Shai's been driving since about day 50 and all the rest have done some miles behind the steering wheel. I'm fronting very rarely nowadays so it's given that the tulpas need to drive. They're either as good as me in it or better.
  3. Telk: We're employed again! Goddamn!
  4. I can't not laugh. *appalause* -Telk Edit: a quote from Telk just now: "It's morning, good night."
  5. We did this the first time in February as an experiment. For us it seemed to work well enough but the amount of concentration needed the first time was huge. There are easier ways to let your tulpa listen to their own music but as a way to train parallel processing this method is as good as any other.
  6. Telk: Wanna try eating an olive? Cherry: Yeah, I LOVE olives *puts one in the mouth and bites, immediately spits it out* Cherry: Yuck, gross. I HATE olives! Telk: But didn't you just- Cherry: No.
  7. Cherry, taking the parallel processing test with Telk: "One, two, three, many, many, lots."
  8. I moved into our old wonderland house with Shai but Telk decided to stay with Cherry in the log house we made when winter was coming and it was getting cold. I was afraid that we'd start to feel lonely without the big family we used to live in and asked them to come and visit us often. Telk: "We already live inside the same head, dumbass! Of course we will."
  9. This has to be the best thread I've read for a while.
  10. I don't know about the statistics so I can't say whether the cloppers are a majority or not. I'm not one but to each their own I guess.. Oh, and once there was a saying about fethishes: "Yours are weirder." When thinking about that I can see how it works, no matter what you have as a fetish someone not sharing the same one might be repulsed by it and show this off with sometimes extreme ways. Back to the discussion about the popularity of tulpas in the brony "community", Is there a single brony tulpamancer who doesn't frequent 4chan's /mlp/? I believe the tulpa general is the main reason of the huge amount of brony tulpamancers. If you frequent /mlp/ there's far more chance of you knowing about tulpas than in somewhere else.
  11. I don't really associate myself with the term "brony" but I guess I am one nevertheless. To me tulpas seemed like an interesting and exiting concept, If I would've found them in some place other than /mlp/ I'd propably had still made one. Shai's form is a pony yes but that's purely coincidental. I was going for a regular human tulpa. Still, she chose to be a pony herself. I believe this is because of my lurking in the tulpa general where pretty much every tulpa is a pony, imaginative greentext stories about imposition propably got me to visualize without realizing it. Edit: typos. It's nearly 4am in the morning.
  12. I'm very analytical and had only a few good friends. Telk is a lot more outgoing and since he came along we've had many interesting conversations and made some new friends both in the clubs and in everyday life. People seem to like him a bit more compared to myself, who even would want to engage in a conversation with someone more interested in thinking about psychological stuff than making new friends?
  13. I tried to replicate weirdo's writing as a parody, please mind my peculiarity. Proof of bluesleeve's point of view: http://whatisatulpa.tumblr.com/post/31397429287/you-are-many http://whatisatulpa.tumblr.com/post/21400525999/imaginary-companions-and-the-children-who-create-them#_=_ There is also Fede and his questionable guide centered around parroting and puppeting. Even though many of his posts are just trolling, you'll find that his wiews on tulpas is quite similiar and also that he has a couple of them himself. Hundreds of users have created tulpas using this guide or a variant of it, it's as legit as a guide as any other. Of course all of my points are unproven but what you fail to see here, so are yours. I'm trying to share my wiew on the matter here and you take it as insult. Calm down a bit please, it's not like everything is serious business. I've never said that doing these the way I describe WILL work, just brought up a couple of ways it could work to which you only answered "Lol no you're wrong" without giving any insight why so. Can you remember the time you posted that trap for me? Yes, it was one of the first posts to this thread before I came along to toss my two cents in. So, in that sense the hypochritical trap wasn't even set for me, rather it was just an agressive post containing only your hatred toward an individual on these forums. If it really was just a trap to gain attention, you represent bad argumentation and should be ashamed for showing the certain user in negative light. Let's discuss this as the civilized human beings we are from now on, okay? Thanks for the reminder, I'll try to stay on topic after this.
  14. What you should've said: Your habits don't work like that, your servitors don't work like that. I can also play this game and say: Claims don't work like that. I've forced enough to have created a detailed wonderland, my dear Shai, Telk and the servitor. How can you claim that I've got no understanding of forcing? Are you perhaps implying that my tulpas are fake (hew the heck would that even work)? I'm taking a wild guess here thinking that you are experiencing a false consensus effect (http://www.spring.org.uk/2007/11/why-we-all-stink-as-intuitive.php ), thinking that everyone or a great majority of the forum shares your wiewpoints while in reality there's as many wiewpoints as there are users on this forum, several times more if you count all of our tulpas. I tried to keep the claims to a bare minimum and just discuss possible ways for a servitor to work, proving that anything you believe to be a solid fact can seem outrageous to some other person in the process. If you want to continue this debate, pick up the parts of my post discussing servitors what you think of as impossible. Post them here and I'll try to back my claims. Try to have some depth in the post though, just saying "It doesn't work like that" brings nothing new to this discussion. Please, just Oni. The censored part of your message to what I previously commented to, seems pretty harsh when you look at it closer now doesn't it. Why did you post something so blatantly aggressive? I can't say for sure but I have a hypothesis: The person in question thinks differently than you. What he says clashes with your wiewpoints, I can see, but in no way does that give you the right to bash and call them a roleplayer. Please post some of those facts to try and disprove my claim then. What I'd presume you would post about are actually just claims widely marketed as facts, the one I've heard most often is: tulpas are sentient. While I also believe this to be true, I can't back that claim. I can try by posting my own point of wiew, my experiences and some armchair philosophication but still I can't force that to be a fact. Also there are quite many tulpaforcers who think otherwise, including one of the most acnowledged tulpa related blogger, bluesleeve. P.S. I don't have a HUD or a OS impersonification nor do I have any desire to ever make one.
  15. Habits actually are pretty easy to make or break. I believe what you have in mind that could be hard to break is called "chronical habit" which already borders a mental condition, for instance smoking. The "severity" of habits also vary a lot, I smoked cigarettes for six years before quitting them a couple of years ago pretty easily, therefore my habit of smoking was in the low end of the severity scale. Let's examine a single, very mild habit in here:A route a person drives every day to work. When the person decides to take another route, They'll need only a few days to learn the new way and all of the intersections, during which the desire to drive the old route disappears. and the old habit can be considered broken. Or perhaps switching to public transportation? If an individual truly wants to break a habit, they will succeed in it given that the habit in case hasn't evolved into a mental condition like the well known OCD.