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  1. Thanks all for the great advice! I think the amount of time I put into this forcing method might depend on how much I like the results of my modelling. I don’t think it’ll be too much wasted time to create the art if they choose another form partway into forcing. My planned tulpa is a humanoid, so MakeHuman will be doing 90% of the “modelling” for me and the rest of the work will mostly involve picking shaders.
  2. I plan to create my first tupper later in the year, and I’ll mostly be using a combination of the traditional methods described in the guides throughout this site (I’ve read a few of the guides listed here, including Tulpa’s Complete Guide and a few smaller ones). But I also plan to incorporate 3D art and voice recordings into the forcing. My current intention is to model a CGI body for the tulpa, partly to help with visualisation in eyes-shut meditation and the like, but I’ve also considered: Would it be wise to force with her image onscreen like I’m having a Skype session, mentally “talking” with her through the screen like it’s a portal into her world? I’m also planning to find audio recordings of any actress I might want her to sound like and lip-syncing the audio to an animation of her talking, in an attempt to help establish her voice in my head. I know tulpas apparently tend to change their appearances/voices over time, but a lot of hosts have forms in mind when they begin forcing anyway, so these animations would just be one extra step. Who here has tried anything similar to this, and is this a smart idea?