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    Just a newly hatched system looking to learn more about whom they really are.
  1. Long time no see. Rosina went quiet for a bit but has started coming out more lately including fronting on her own. It's been really nice. We're going to spend a bit more time together and learn a bit more about how to coexist because we haven't been able to do much of that yet.
  2. Ok so update time. We have been trying out the Possession guide by Yuki and we've been having good results so far on the basics. Rosina is now able to take over my thinking however when we're in the space neither of our personalities show so it's kinda weird right now. Hopefully, it'll get better with more practise and soon our dynamic personalities will be on show. Guide link:
  3. This is a good guide from what me and Rosina have tried so far. It's a great starting point.
  4. Well I'm a lesbian and Rosina's first words were "You're so gay Emi." Validation is good.
  5. This forum was recommended in's resources section. We had been looking for a place to talk about ourselves and being plural a bit more without being pathologised which meant we had to do a fair bit of research. It's looking like it may be worth it.
  6. Erm it was very recently. However, it tends to happen naturally whenever I think about her or tulpas in general which is a good sign. It's really nice ^_^
  7. This will be a thread where I, Emi, will talk a bit about my adventures with my tulpa, Rosina. Basically, it took a long time for Rosina to start expressing herself. She had always been there. It's hard to know what kind of tulpa Rosina is as it's still so early on. I do have a few things I'd like to share with Rosina's permission. Rosina is more childish and feminine than me whereas I'm more androgynous in my style. We both like video games though I think Rosina is more interested in casual, stereotypically feminine "girly games" rather than the brain food I like. I tend to like Japanese RPGs and other genres that require a bit more skill and thining. Before Rosina hatched, I've been meaning to start playing more stereotypically feminine games such as New Style Boutique/Style Savvy, Story of Seasons as well as otome games. Rosina really wants me to play these games with her. I think this could be how we bond, maybe? Which is even weirder because Rosina hasn't played a game yet? I think she gets it from me. This whole plurality/tulpa thing is difficult to understand and get it grips with but I think it'll be worth it. Me and Rosina already really like each other and hoping this is the start of a deep connection :)
  8. Hello, I'm Emi and I've had a tulpa, Rosina, inside of me for a long time but she only began to express herself very recently. We are looking forward to learning more about tulpahood, each other and developing our connection. Hopefully this community will help us. Nice to meet you all :)