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    I'm autistic
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    I'm Shinamono on Discord

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  1. Josie

    Roleplay server

    I started a roleplay server! It has Pluralkit. A lot of people from here are already there.
  2. Josie


    Kelsey:tulpas aren't occult
  3. Cold Does your finger hurt?
  4. This is a dialogue I had with Jane and Daniel this morning. It happened while listening to a debate on YouTube. Jane: I quite like this. Me: Thanks. Was that you, Jane? Jane: No, it was Richard. Me: But I don't have a- Jane: Just kidding. Yes it was me. Me: Ok. But we're not getting another tulpa right now. Daniel: Hey. Me: Is that you Daniel? Daniel: No, it was Richard. Me: We are not getting a tulpa named Richard right now. We just got Jane and we need to spend more time on her. Daniel: Aww Jane: Aww Me. Look, if we do end up with a tulpa named Richard someday, it's your fault. You asked for it. Jane: Ok, that's fair. Daniel: Riiiiiiiiiichaaaaaaaard!!! Why are my tulpas so persistent like this? This is the first time I've said no to a request for a new tulpa, and they respond by pretending to be a new tulpa.
  5. Google search for imaginary friends What's your favorite cookie?
  6. I'm working on a new tulpa. Her name is Jane.
  7. Did something happen for this to need to be said here? Must have been serious.
  8. I don't know. It's strange How many pimples are on your face?
  9. Hey can you make a new invite? It expired.
  10. Better. I was a bit upset at some other members, so I left for a while
  11. Josie