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    I'm autistic
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  1. I wasn't saying that you're crazy. You're fine. I was saying that I was. That my behavior was caused by my anxiety disorder and was fixed by fixing the disorder.
  2. Sounds like paranoia. I have an anxiety disorder, so I used to be very paronoid before I got on my meds. Most of that is gone now.
  3. If I'm currently in it, it's not the one I had the problem with. I left that one. And how did you know it was me?
  4. Yeah. I meantioned it in my progress report.
  5. Yui seems like an 8 year old. Summer is 12. The rest are teenagers, although that makes sense because I'm a teenager too.
  6. And there was an incident with people who didn't like tulpas that scared me away for a bit.
  7. We did not get a Richard, but we did get a new tulpa named Summer of the Phoenix, Summer, Phoenix, or Nix for short. As for our long absence from this forum, several months ago, or maybe a year, I joined a discord server. It was supposed to be an autism support group. One of the rules was types of people who aren't allowed to be there. One of them was people with non-traumagenic systems. I asked why this was, and they said that tulpa systems are harmful to DID systems. I tried to refute that and also explained how it was helpful to me to have tulpas. They restated that it's harmful to those with DID and said that even if it's beneficial to me, it's cultural appropriation. I said that I don't believe that's a bad thing, that I'm a globalist, and that it's not cultural appropriation because I am a Buddhist (not Tibetan, but Zen, but they didn't need to know that). They said that it doesn't matter, and that if I replied again, I would be banned. So I left the server. It's probably for the best anyway, because it's likely to be a toxic community if they're gonna treat tulpamancers that way, but I'm still really upset that I wasn't let in for the sole reason that I have tulpas. Maybe I shouldn't have argued about it, but the fact is that they are discriminating against people who have made certain choices regarding mental health treatment. My face is hot right now just thinking about it. I would have understood if it was a DID server, but it wasn't. It was an autism server. Despite knowing that they were wrong about tulpas, I still felt guilty about it. So I took a hiatus. I have since asked multiple people with DID about it over the internet, and they were all fine with it. I dunno where the people from that server got the idea that it was bad, but they're certainly not the majority. So now I'm back. I plan to keep tulpaforcing, but we have given up on switching, because it scares me to not be in control. Possession is fine because I'm still awake and can take control back at any time, but I am just not comfortable with the idea of switching.
  8. I was busy. But now I'm available again.
  9. Josie

    Roleplay server

    I started a roleplay server! It has Pluralkit. A lot of people from here are already there.
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    Kelsey:tulpas aren't occult