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  1. So Ms. Nameless right now wanted me to make this thread. She and I thought it'd be a great idea to figure out her name with some input from the community. Currently, she is trying to find a warrior queen-esque name, and she likes the name Aerith a bunch. I sadly do not, which is why I'm trying to figure out some nice alternatives that didn't come from a video game (no judgment there, I just don't wanna think of Final Fantasy all of the time, ahah). I still need to make a progress/development thread, but she's been doing great so far. She started to be vocal today, and I started her development less than 2 days ago. She is good at hand possession. Her personality is still changing a bunch still too.
  2. Heya! I'm Sammy. I'm 21, I live in Virginia, USA. I've just recently discovered tulpamancy. I work at CVS Health as a shift manager, but I'm aspiring to move out of retail someday. I enjoy psychology a bunch. I have BPD / OCD / PTSD, but I don't let my mental illnesses define who I am. I enjoy listening to other people and helping others with their problems. I love going to concerts. I also love to write & I used to avidly RP. I am super nervous starting tulpamancy, but I'm sure it's gonna be a wonderful journey. I also have Discord! My name is Lux#7784 on there.