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    Host:I guess i can say i'm a roleplayer and a daydreamer.I tend to be closer to animals,Dragons,dogs,wolves,monsters than humans,sometimes i tend to not feel human.You can call me Drag for short ^ ^

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  1. bonds or connects me and h share during our life time so i was watching a anime called dragon drive,if you don't know what it is its about a kid that is in highschool and lazy so his friend shows him a game virtual reality game called Dragon Drive. It is a fighting game in which players and their dragon partners face off within a virtual reality city with cards.of course him being lazy he gets a weak dragon named chibi,i connect to this because its kinda of like my and h's life.I'm that anxiety teen that lives on a laptop and H is a tulpa trying his best to help his host and also chibi looks like H a LOT xd im in school so im rushing. :/
  2. pic of my new tulpa i used pixilart :okayhandhere:
  3. I was feeling suicidal today and out of the blue i created twisted.i was shocked but he helped me with family issues i wont go into detail.emotion abuse is all have to say.He is a demon wolf like guy that swears a lot,h is shy around him.I will draw a pic of him in a minute.im guessing he's based of a friends tulpa but isn't into "adult things" and murder which is a good thing ^ ^ What twisted looks like (he has no tail) also we named our system : ) system July
  4. i understand...i still care,who cares about thoses rude people.I accept you who you are,you have the right to be anything you want and be.There's no such thing as "darkness and evil" it's a thing humans made up because they cant handle things.Look at us,Twisted is a demon as well and im told he is not good for my mental health because i "might become a murder" ,well flip thoses guys because i still have him : ) mate i knew you for 5 months now not just here you and zack are strong to break this hate,i hate humanity too but im still trying in until the end.I do not fake love,i understand i had fake love for at least my whole life,people pretending to be sorry so they could bully me and treat me like a toy but i know inside im stronger than them and smarter that them,if you leave it's YOUR CHOICE BUT JUST KNOW IM STILL YOUR FRIEND.a true friend wouldnt leave and i havent im still here and still follow all your accounts. : ) you are bless
  5. Nice to be able to see you again it's been awhile,didnt know you still had a account ^ ^ H: yeah hey there,hey zack : )
  6. Silly question here,is there any exercises i could try to make clicker talk more or start to talk again ? Like a story or guide
  7. It's been awhile,clicker doesn't seem to stay with me that much anymore ,H decided he liked his dragon form better and i see him a lot everyday and talk to him,he seems happy to be here : )
  8. If my tulpa could have a human form H: if my host could be a wolf xd
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    (idk if im allowed to be here but i love bears ^ ^ )
  10. because spamming art is "bad"