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  1. I said ,,well, we will be able to try, Dylan?", and he answered ,,Nah, I don't like this name. Frank is much better". He hasn't spoken to me since but I'm only 11 days in, we will be working on it c:
  2. Wow, I wasn't expecting that many answers, thank you x I got my laptop, so I can precise: I do not want him to be ,,perfect", I want to perfectly follow guides and rules and do not bring him any harm just because I read 8 guides instead of 9. As paranoid, I can say, my life is full of stress, I will try more meditation to get over that one :)
  3. Thank you! So, it must be my personality - he's my first tulpa and I want everything to be perfect:)
  4. Hello. This is my 10th day in (not very impressive buuuut). Also, I'm paranoid (!possibly connected to my problem). And, also Polish. So please, forgive me mistakes (grammar check doesn't work). I force every day (passive and active). I was trying to plan his personality and appearance, but I can't stop feeling "guilty": I'm scared that he won't like me because I'm trying to give him certain features (of course I know that he can change some of them and I totally support him). This is where the problem begins. I have tendency to add ,,of course if you want to" to every sentence. Because of that, it's very hard to visualize him: I don't want to hurt his feelings by doing anything he doesn't want. ALSO, I cannot force myself to let him do everything by himself - what host I would be if I left everything to him? Maybe anyone here had this problem? What did you do?
  5. So...this is Frank (or at least this is how I imagine him)
  6. Actually, I was only trying to. I named him ,,Dylan", because I like this name and how it sounds and it basically fits him, but first time when he'd spoken to me, he said that he doesn't like that one and he prefers Frank. So, Frank it is :)
  7. Hi there, I'm Carter. I was reading about tulpas a long time ago and now I'm ready to meet my new friend. I'm already 7 days in. Frank (after some changes, explained later) lately told me that the name I gave him doesn't match, so he picked a new one. That's all he's told me by now, but I can't wait for him to say more! (I'm from Poland, so if my english is weird, I'm sorry)