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    hiya! it's just me and ollie in here, trying to figure out where we're going
  1. first post! I’ll be recording any bits and pieces of art that I draw of Ollie here ^^ Art really helps us with visualising, as spending some time really thinking hard about how Ollie looks and making it into something that exists in the real world is on the whole pretty rewarding. I don’t draw as much as I used to, mainly due to mental health stuff and school, but it’ll be the holidays soon and I intend to get back into the swing of things. That being said, I’ll update this with anything I scribble out at random, so it’s probably not going to be too organised haha... Anyways, here’s some scratchy ass doodles from me figuring out what the hell Ollie looks like. They aren’t very consistent (just like my art style (´-`) but that’s all part of form creation, isn’t it?). I intend to make more finished, coloured, digital pieces at some point but at the same time I am a broke child whose drawing tablet is literally 5 inches wide so we’ll see I guess. Outside these drawings, Ollie is a realistic (almost) human dude. I’m not that good at realism though, so rendering him as a cute little cartoon is kind of what’s gonna happen, sorry!! link:
  2. I don't mean age in the literal sense or maturity wise, as those are obvious. I'm more asking will a tulpa ever show physical signs of aging, ie their voice/face seeming older? I asked Ollie what age he was (said somewhere around the 17-19 mark...I dunno, just feel that way I guess). Considering I'm around his 'age' do you think he'll grow with me, ie identify himself as 27 when I'm 25 or whatever? what's everyone else's experiences with this?
  3. I'm an INTP, and Ollie is an ENFP. Very interesting, especially as apparently people of his personality type often have great suggestions for plans etc but do not like shouldering the full brunt of being a leader and enjoy when someone else takes the reins. I guess I'm a pretty good complementary host? I think there are a lot of us INTP hosts here because we tend to love long periods of contemplation and deep thought; what could be a better petri dish for tulpae? We're basically made for active forcing!
  4. all of these answers are fascinating, thanks for clearing it up for me you guys!
  5. Okay so a very literal shower thought just occurred to me - as in I was taking a shower visualising Ollie messing around in the bathroom next to me when I realised that I have no idea how you guys see yourselves or your hosts? I mean I have asked him, but unfortunately Ollie can't really vocalise that well at this stage to tell me. I've heard of the 'it's like I'm watching a tv screen of my host's sight" but where are you? In your wonderland? What about if we're visualising you somewhere in meatspace? Can you guys visualise us back, first person pov and all? What about when your host isn't directing attention toward you, are you in the wonderland by yourself or are you just passively watching from the body's eyes?
  6. I've just now learned about all the different kinds of thoughtforms, and servitors especially sound super useful. I read a few threads but i still don't really understand how you'd go about creating one. For instance, two types that are appealing to me are alarm clocks and ones that remember specific memories. How would you make an alarm clock even work? Say i want to wake up at 7am every day, do i now wake up at 6:59 and spend the entire minute puppeting the servitor to wake up the body and if I do it enough it just happens automatically? Thing is, I myself don't understand how or why i wake up at specific times without physical alarms so how am I supposed to create something that does?
  7. Hiya! It's a pleasure to meet you guys too. I've always loved the character of the New Yorker accent, Dashie sounds fun! Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions ~<3
  8. so apparently i'm doing progress reports now, fun, definitely the best idea I could have while in the midst of preparing for mock exams :) uhh okay hey everyone! I'm meltie, and my tulpa is ollie. I first started building his personality around Autumn 2018, but I crashed in terms of mental health for a few months and stopped forcing. However, I'm now picking it back up again, hip hip hoOrAy. I do my fair share of art and i read quite a bit, so visualisation thus far has been really fun and easy; my confidence is much improved from last year. In fact i've been really surprised at how fast ollie is developing, with him already possessing a form that he'll move about in, speaking in short sentences and transmitted ideas, and even being able to move my fingers with enough concentration (my hand still feels weird as heck, like it's transparent. As a side note, can tulpas favour a different hand to their host? ie if I'm right-handed could he be left-handed?). For the most part he has adopted the personality foundations I laid out for him, even if he's shown to be much more protective of me than I ever considered. Today he did two things that i didn't expect whatsoever. The first was when I was walking back from German lessons, I was feeling really anxious about going through the crowd, and i was beating myself up about a stupid fumble of a social interaction I'd had in a store earlier. I was psyching myself up for walking through the crowd of much older university students when I felt - not really, more just knew and the picture came into my head - Ollie wrap his tail around my right leg, guiding my steps forwards. This was super interesting as I'd only added the tail on a whim (He's a regular dude apart from little stubby goat horns and the long, prehensile tufted tail we're talking about here) but it was really comforting to know that he liked the addition I had made and was using it to help me out. The second thing was when I was just messing about online earlier while passive forcing him lying on my bed, and out of the corner of my eye he kind of jerks his hand around like a dumbass to get my attention, and when i look at him he points at his mouth and sticks out his tongue. It was forked; I'd never added that particular feature, but he'd just gone ahead and changed it himself. Now to be honest I kind of hate the way forked human tongues look, but we just had a tiny exchange of: "are you gonna keep that?" "yeah I like it it looks cool" "okay, whatever makes you happy man" so it looks like it's probably a permanent feature now. Apart from that, I've been trying to make forcing a bit more fun by going on little wonderland adventures with him, writing down what each of us are doing alternately. This is working for several reasons, including but not limited to: 1. I get easily distracted by random thoughts, and writing down what's happening helps to solidify what we're doing. 2. I let him pick the font that I'd write his perspective in and now have written proof of the way he talks that i can refer to for later sessions. 3. As I'm basically taking what he says and writing it down I can make corrections to what he's trying to say for him, and dig through bits of gibberish until he comes up with coherent sentences. This is improving his vocality by leaps and bounds, and helping him to explore different modes of speech. 4. I can go back through the stuff I've written and pick out certain bits to connect them to earlier thoughts or experiences I've had that day, which is really interesting as it shows how he's taking and repurposing scraps in my subconscious. For instance, a girl in my art class had brought in a bunch of fruits to take pictures of for a still life she was gonna paint, and in a recent outing him and I went to a fruit market where he got super fixated on a dragonfruit - the same one that I had saw her chopping up and shooting earlier. Okay, I guess that's all the important stuff. Last question before I go - does anyone here have a tulpa that speaks with a different accent to your mindvoice? How did they pick that up? I've shown Ollie the voice that I would like him to speak with (Australian, it sounds friendly, don't judge) but he's having trouble with consistency.