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  1. Thx Tewi and Misha, can i ask you a bit more?? While you was writing the answer i had the next question in my mind, so i have to discribe my fear about switching :) From my resources i found, some guides and poeple said, a Tulpa can get "in love" with a real existing human in the so called outerworld. but if a tulpa is knowing her host well, she never would switch for this. in my case i would have a problem with outerworld-love of my tulpa, because my body is for the only one outerworld wife. See, i am a male, now in love with a female, so called outerworld-wife, we are married since one year, and have two children. literally the common situation for the most poeple i think. but in the situation of switching it would be complicated a little bit: if my tulpa is female, she can fell in love with a outerworld-male. for my host body this would be "male & male" situation and my own outerworld wife would say "cheating and cheating on same gender, go away, leave the house". a female tulpa could fell in love with a outerworld-FEmale. for my host body my outerworld wife would say "cheating with other girl, go away, leave the house"... you understand?? its nothing against genders and orientation, its only the fact about cheating-effect for outerworld-poeple and negative effects to me in this outerworld (=leave house and child forever, i dont know the englisch word for break up a married couple). in the same case the poeple, what was interacting with my tulpa, would not understand if the host deny everything a few days or weeks later. this is one of the biggest reason because i would the tulpa keep not fronting. especially NOT for fell in love with other outerworld-poeple, that would be literally a damage to my life organisation. for my understanding, i tulpa is a other side from me, she should understand my life organisation. what would you say to this special situations. the other thing would be. how can i fix, my tulpa to like my wife and my child. otherwise it would by complicated same as the other special situations. this all is, what i called "impact in hosts reallife while switching" in my thread opening in question 4 :)
  2. i had some special questions. i am beginner, no tulpa in my head. my questions are should i paste it here??
  3. Hi At the beginning of my thread. My english is not the best. As my Nickname says, i am new to tulpas. i have read something in the web, in this forum and i was watching some youtube videos. but i have further questions, such questions where the answer was not given to me in the most guides. i read different meanings on different subjects, but i want it more clear for me. You want my real reason for my tulpa forcing idea? i have everything, but i dont have a real deep friend on my own. many poeple but not the trusted person what i want. there the tulpa idea could fill this little gap. 1. The forcing of forms - visualization: It is POSSIBLE to visualize from google pictures for a human-form Tulpa?? Some guides say "no real existing poeple", but other guides say "only poeple you dont know in real life".. can anybody better explain this? i want to take photos as source because i am very bad in drawning a new one. And would it be ok to visualize from anime series or videogames such as princess zelda, said only for example. 2. Going deeper in the first question: It is allowed to visualize a female from xxx-pages for the face, because some model sets are mixed with different clothing and also nude, i know :/ . It would be easy to visualize from such source to have a female tulpa with more options for her self (such as clothing changing if she want). but pls unterstand: xxx is NOT the reason to force her!!!. in the past i collected many pictures for other reason, but today it would be a good source for imagination. but as i said, only for the visuals, NOT for the xxx-doing!!! 3. If i did i tulpa i few months later, is it POSSIBLE to do something, to fix her human-form, the face, the gender i was visualizing. because some guides say, the tulpa can change everything. some people say they will never change so dramatic. my reason for the question is: it would be fine and better for me, if the tulpa has a fixed form for me, so i know her, so i want her. for example. i dont want my human-form tulpa to changes on herself to a dog or bird and such anything. i want to fix her gender, her voice and so on. is it possible to give her specific traits.? whats the truth about tulpa changing on herself. 4. Is it Possible to get a Tulpa, which is never wanting to front? it would be better for some poeple such as me, to stay in full controll over the body. i dont want the tulpa to controll my body. some poeple say there is no fix for this, some poeple say it is possible. i want it to be possible to have and stay in contolll my body everythime. Some poeple would say "egoist" to me. but i have job, family and such other reallife thins i dont want to change for this. for example: some of the threads tell me, a tulpa could be possible to impact in hosts reallife while switching. i dont want such things, because my wife and my childs have to know me as i am. (what if a tulpa says bad words to those poeple because shie doesnt like them, the family of he host could get broken) so i hope you understand my bad engisch and the matter of my questions. Please advise me directly to my questions.